Experian Catalist maintains a database with information on every forecourt in the UK/Ireland and can provide Local Trade Area demographics and competition reports for any site in the country. In the UK we supply daily fuel price information to the oil companies and other retailers including the major dealer groups and the media. Priceviewer is Experian Catalist's service for independent dealers in the UK - this is designed to monitor competitors' prices on a daily basis thus enabling dealers to manage their own site's pricing more effectively. The system is entirely Internet-based and easy-to-use, enabling informed pricing decisions based on data that is both current and accurate.

Please visit our website for more information about Experian Catalist fuel price and site data http://www.catalist.com/

RegionDieselLPGSuper ULUL
EAST MIDLANDS119.96 65.90 127.13 117.72
EAST120.65 63.90 126.27 118.16
LONDON120.59 58.90 128.72 118.42
NORTH EAST119.05 128.55 116.65
NORTH WEST119.85 53.70 126.79 117.72
NORTHERN IRELAND119.35 124.90 117.24
SCOTLAND119.81 125.43 116.88
SOUTH EAST120.81 53.90 128.09 118.59
SOUTH WEST120.03 63.90 125.86 117.69
WALES119.39 126.09 117.10
WEST MIDLANDS119.97 125.99 117.87
YORKSHIRE AND THE HUMBER119.53 125.86 117.22
  all price data supplied by Catalist

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