Less than 1% of shoppers think petrol stations deliver good customer service, according to a poll by Retail Eyes.

Scottish retailers have been left disappointed at the outcome of the Tobacco Display Judicial Review.

MPK signs up with Murco

30 September, 2010

Top 50 independent MPK Garages has signed a five-year supply agreement with Murco.

A disabled drug user has been jailed for stealing petrol from outlets across the East Midlands to fund his drugs habit.

Bhupa, Lata and Jay Gohil of Cosford Garage, Albrighton in the West Midlands, took the top prize at last night’s Forecourt Trader of the Year awards, held at the London Hilton on Park Lane Hotel.

The College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) is calling for a ban on alcohol being sold in forecourt shops. The organisation wants increased measures

Energy drink escapes ad ban

23 September, 2010

A TV ad for Lucozade Alert Plus has escaped a ban despite 86 complaints about it to the Advertising Standards Authority. The commercial showed a

OPW Fuel Management Systems, a business unit of OPW, and FuelQuest Inc, two of the industry’s premier fuel management solution providers, have

Three South Lanarkshire forecourts have received formal warnings after petrol was sold to an under-age volunteer during a test-purchasing exercise.

Both Sainsbury and Tesco plan to open new forecourts in Cardigan, west Wales.

The government’s ‘Time to Train’ rules are an unnecessary burden on retailers and will not deliver greater training opportunities for those working in local shops, the Association of Convenience Stores has argued.

Retailers have been mixed in their reaction to Total's announcement last week that it is undertaking a strategic review of its UK downstream operations. As part of this review it is considering the sale of its marketing assets in the UK.

Following the recent announcement by Murco’s parent company, Murphy Oil Corporation, of its intention to exit from

Total UK has confirmed it is undertaking a strategic review of its UK downstream operations. As part of this review it is considering the sale of its marketing assets in the UK. The sale would exclude Aviation, Special Fluids and Lubricants.

Top 50 independent Bishop Retail is converting its network of forecourts from BP to Harvest Energy.

The Association of Convenience Stores has warned the Home Office that alcohol licensing changes outlined in the government's latest licensing consultation would cost convenience stores at least £11m.

Police scrap cardboard coppers

09 September, 2010

Essex Police has scrapped a scheme that saw cardboard cut-outs of police officers used to help cut crime after thieves targeted the figures.

Shell has joined forces with the Coffee Republic brand to bring self-serve coffee to around 400 company-owned sites in the UK.

A new, 24-hour, LPG service station has opened in Leicester to satisfy the demand for gas, as fuel prices surge.

Tesco is to ramp up the promotional campaign behind its exclusive Faithless

Manor joins ACS

02 September, 2010

Top 50 independent retailer Manor Service Stations has joined the Association of Convenience Stores.

Although 89% of consumers know there will be a VAT increase, only 53% know when it will happen, according to a recent study by global pricing and marketing strategy consultants Simon-Kucher & Partners.

Henderson Group, owners of the Spar, Eurospar, Vivo and Vivoextra retail brands, has announced what it described as an "exceptional" performance for 2009 despite the tough economic trading conditions.

Fancy buying a refinery?

27 August, 2010

Bad enough having a house to sell in uncertain economic times. But following Murphy Oil's recent sell-off announcement (see News Extra, page10) how do you go about selling a refinery when you get the distinct impression they're fast going out of fashion plus there are three others (out of eight!) already on the market. I'm not sure 'location, location, location', or a quick lick of white paint will do the job.

RMI Petrol has warned that the mass exodus from the UK refinery market could result in the major oil company brands disappearing from the dealer sector. The comments followed US company Murphy Oil putting its Murco Milford Haven operation on the market

Fuelling debate

27 August, 2010

The big news this summer was the launch of Shell's FuelSave (available in unleaded and diesel), which claims to be able to save drivers up to one litre of fuel per tank from the very first fill at no extra cost. The cynics may shake their heads and mutter 'No way' but it's an attractive proposition for drivers who are currently shelling out on average 120ppl.

Bean feast

27 August, 2010

When it comes to a cup of coffee, us Brits are growing increasingly fussy. The likes of Starbucks and Costa Coffee have raised the bar on what we as a nation demand in a hot drink, according to Mark Rhodes, marketing manager at Westomatic.

Beauty call

27 August, 2010

Forecourt stores are never going to be a consumer's first port of call for their health and beauty needs they'll go to the supermarkets, Boots or Superdrug instead. However, as full-blown convenience outlets, consumers will expect forecourt stores to stock the essentials. On a motorway or busy A-road site that could be the distress purchase for the businessperson who has forgotten to pack toothpaste, while in a neighbourhood area it could be a mum looking for a top-up because she's run out of shampoo. What both these shoppers have in common is that they'll want to quickly identify that you stock such items, so that means stocking the big brands backed by the big advertising bucks. So for toothpaste that's probably Colgate while for shampoo it's Pantene or Head & Shoulders.

Over half of British motorists regularly wash their cars by hand or have them done at hand car wash operations,

Police are still trying to work out how daring thieves pulled off one of Britain’s biggest-ever fuel thefts, by siphoning off

Police are still trying to work out how daring thieves pulled off one of Britain's biggest-ever fuel thefts, by siphoning off

Go-ahead for M5 'eco-site'

27 August, 2010

Westmorland Ltd has been granted planning permission for a new 'eco-friendly' motorway service station on the M5 in Gloucestershire.

Tesco has launched the first drive-thru supermarket in the UK aimed at shoppers who don't want to wait at

Rate appeals top 2,000

27 August, 2010

More than 2,000 retailers have lodged appeals against the 2010 Business Rates. The figure was revealed by

Truckstop project delay

27 August, 2010

Retailer Michael Exelby has expressed his frustration over a planned £5m truckstop project after it was delayed by

Over half of British motorists regularly wash their cars by hand or have them done at hand car wash operations,

Fleet Services in Padstow, Cornwall, was recently given a starring role in an

Retailer Malcolm Williams has seen sales increase 15% since finishing a refit at his Hillcroft Service Station site in Newport, Wales.

Scoring with Costcutter

27 August, 2010

Costcutter Supermarkets Group has rewarded four retailers with a £1,000 prize for each adding extra zing to their in-store promotions during the 2010 World Cup.

Re(de)fining the market

27 August, 2010

When Murphy Oil recently announced plans to sell off its Milford Haven refinery in Wales along with the entire Murco

in brief

27 August, 2010


How confident do you feel that the government will act to help retailers over Business Rates?

GENERAL APPEARANCE: The Thornfalcon Garage and shop is difficult to miss. It's a large corner site with two Jet-branded poles one on the A358 and the other on the A378 and both include illuminated prices. And those prices were some 5ppl less than my local supermarkets so the Thornfalcon site appeared well worth a visit.

The right side of the law

27 August, 2010

Beware the Border Agency's been busy targeting illegal workers

Chill out and save money

Going for gold

27 August, 2010

Not many people would wave goodbye to a stable job at one of the biggest oil companies in the world to take on the challenge of buying their own forecourt.

Clocking on to profits

27 August, 2010

Everyone is familiar with the proverb about looking after the pennies and the pounds taking care of themselves. And never is it more true than in the delicate manoeuvrings of retail fuel pricing.

GO, part of Northern Irish LCC Group, is this month due to open its second fully-automated site, at Belfast Road, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim.

Stargate lands in UK

27 August, 2010

Car Wash UK has installed its first Aquarama Stargate S5 car wash in a UK forecourt. The company said the equipment was recently fitted at Saracens filling station in Thaxted High Street, Essex. The site's owner Kim Cowell said: "We had been looking for a new car wash machine as the existing machine had been damaged beyond repair. We looked around at the various alternatives and we found the Aquarama Stargate S5 offered the best combination of price, features and quality of wash."

Sky News on screens

27 August, 2010

Sky News is to become the exclusive news provider to Amscreen's nationwide network of digital forecourt screens. As a result, Sky News feeds will now reach millions of motorists via Amscreen's 1,600 venue network.

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