Fuel prices May 2004

01 August, 2005
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Forecourt retailers with Londis stores stand to pocket more than £30,000 following a new offer by Budgens owner Musgrave, to buy the symbol group.
Tesco is claiming to be the first major retailer to bring biodiesel to customers around the UK, with its announcement of the start of a national roll-out of Greenergy GlobalDiesel.

Top UKPIA job for Hunt

01 May, 2004
Former Elf retail manager Chris Hunt has been appointed director general of UKPIA, the UK’s Petroleum Industry Association .
Texaco has signed up delivered wholesaler Blueheath to handle grocery distribution to its forecourt sites throughout the UK.
BP wants to become the UK leader in convenience retailing, the oil company’s marketing director has told suppliers.
Within weeks of relaunching the Gulf brand in Scotland, six dealers are retailing Gulf fuels and lubricants – with a further six expected to come on-stream before July.

Cashier threatened

01 May, 2004
A Total service station cashier said he feared for his life when a robber brandished a foot-long butcher’s knife in his face.
Retailers need to review their signage and labelling or face hefty fines under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (DDA), says labelling company Brother UK.
A new era in improved motorway services has been promised with the recent opening of the only motorway service area on the new M6 Toll in the Midlands.

Symbolic deal

01 May, 2004
A straw poll of Londis petrol retailers has revealed a positive reaction to the latest developments in the symbol group saga, in which Budgens owner Musgrave has upped its bid by 50 per cent.

Pins and needles

01 May, 2004
Remember when accepting credit cards meant having a manual ‘roller’ to imprint your customers’ Access and Barclaycard paper vouchers? Well, this year brings the most radical change to retailers’ payment acceptance methods since the introduction of EFTs (Electronic Funds Transfers) in the late 1980s. By the end of this year all of your plastic payment transactions will be made under a system being marketed as chip and pin. The changes will apply across the board, to all credit cards, debit cards and fuel cards, and are supposed to be fully implemented by January 1, 2005.
GENERAL APPEARANCE: High-profile Shell-branded dealership on the A265 – the main route between the M23 and East Grinstead. Part of a large development comprising triple franchise motor dealership complex and Gatwick Airport Parking facility.
They say that the only sure things in life are death and taxes. Both are sometimes mysterious as well. Certainly there is a bit of a mystery concerning Alfington Stores & Service Station in Devon. Dave Moss sent me an urgent query on business rates relief. For several years Dave’s business rates demand had arrived with ‘zero to pay’ marked on it. Then this year’s arrived with its usual huge heart-stopping total but with no apparent reduction this time.

Age sensitivity

01 May, 2004
Retailers often ring up after the ‘sting’. Trading standards officers wear quite a few hats these days (not as many as you, but enough for them to turn up in a different guise on any given day). Sometimes they will use entrapment techniques. They like to call it ‘test purchasing’ and woe betide that you or your staff should make a mistake and sell one of the banned substances to someone underaged.

Internet cons

01 May, 2004
I got a badly-worded email on April 14, full of what journalists call ‘screamers’ (exclamation marks!! to make the contents seem important!!). The email informed me, as a “dear client of Barclays Bank” (I’m not), that the night time safety system had been cracked!!! To prevent any problems would I please repeat registration of my data. They neglected to add that they would then help themselves to any money there might be in the account.
jet is now 50 years old, the fifth largest British fuel brand, and part of the global energy giant ConocoPhillips. It’s come a long way since it was set up all those years ago by Willy ‘Bill’ Roberts, described by those who knew him as a hard-working visionary man who is renowned for changing the face, pace and price of British motoring.

Testing times

01 May, 2004
It’s hard to remember a time when you walked into a forecourt shop and there wasn’t a long line of confectionery stretching along one wall, from the entrance to the point of sale.

Summer sales

01 May, 2004
You can’t mention this summer without first mentioning last year’s. That’s because summer 2003 was such a success – summer how it ought to be. The days were sweltering and retailers’ tills were ringing as consumers clambered for cold drinks and ice lollies.


01 May, 2004
As site numbers continue to dwindle and more oil company sites move to the independent network, the pumps market will see a flurry of investment from forecourt retailers, according to pump supplier Dresser Wayne UK.

High tide

01 May, 2004
As one of the fastest-growing categories in the FMCG market, soft drinks in the forecourt sector showed double-digit growth in 2003 – helping market sales break the £5bn barrier.

End to pointless waste

01 May, 2004
Forecourt operators could save money by putting an end to unnecessary waste management visits following the launch of the Separator Inspector, a manual device used to measure the build-up of oil and silt in a separator.

Big display with Mira

01 May, 2004
The Langar Group has developed a new style of display cabinet for the forecourt and convenience store sector.

Pos advice on hand

01 May, 2004
A new guide to epos from Scottish retail consultancy The Retailer has been designed to steer first-time epos purchasers towards a suitable system.

Kiosk for 24-hour cash

01 May, 2004
Moneybox has introduced a new ATM, allowing retailers to offer customers access to cash 24 hours per day.

Nestle footie fever

01 May, 2004
Nestlé Rowntree has teamed up with soccer legend Ian Wright for a promotion to celebrate this summer’s Euro 2004
Walkers is extending its Sensations and Doritos brands with Poppadom Bites, Chargrilled Steak & Peppercorn Sauce Sensations crisps, and Doritos Latinos.
Cadbury Trebor Bassett has refreshed its Trebor brand with the launch of two sugar-free products and new packaging.
United Biscuits is driving snack growth in the build-up to Euro 2004 with a ‘Red Card & You’re Off’ on-pack promotion across The Real McCoy’s, Mini Cheddars, and KP Nuts.

Typhoo gets fruity

01 May, 2004
Premier Foods is revitalising the tea category with the launch of a new range of infusions – Typhoo Fruit & Herb.
Del Monte has unveiled a packaging overhaul for its Pure Blends and World Fruits juice ranges.
A further development in the lower tar cigarette market has been made by Gallaher, with the launch of Silk Cut Slims.
LOVE THEM OR LOATHE THEM, there is something about an annual net profit of £1.6bn that kind of earns respect. As Tesco goes marching on it’s worth remembering that it wasn’t always so. Back in the early supermarket days Tesco did alright with their ‘pile-them-high-sell-them-cheap’ philosophy but they never really stood out from the rest. Then, as supermarkets got bigger, Tesco became totally eclipsed by Sainsbury’s and it took them a while before realising they needed to change their trading philosophy.

Fuel Prices May 2004

01 May, 2004
Data supplied by Catalist Ltd

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