Former Esso retailers have been left devastated by the judgement on their long-running battle with Esso, which ruled against them on Tiger Tokens and hot fuel; and left them with the prospect of going back to the County Courts to get individual judgements on the third issue of margins, fees and allowances.
BP could offer its Connect format as a franchise to independent dealers within the next calendar year, as the company throws its weight behind a radical review of its retail operations, code-named ‘Accelerator’.
The 59 BP & Safeway Partnership sites are poised to start offering customers Nectar points on fuel.

BP slows LPG rollout

01 August, 2003
BP is putting the brakes on its LPG programme because of a lack of clarity about the government’s environmental strategy.
BP and Total are among the Environment Agency’s list of the most persistent offenders in environmental crimes.

Texaco wins safety award

01 August, 2003
Texaco’s commitment to safety has been recognised by the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) with an award for its UK dry goods distribution centre in Lutterworth, Leicestershire.
Total has announced a two-year sponsorship deal with first division football club Watford.

Cleaning round the clock

01 August, 2003
A new 24-hour forecourt cleaning and maintenance service has been launched by civil engineering company Grimshaw Kinnear.
Spar has become the first convenience retailer to have a presence on a motorway service station.

Judgement day

01 August, 2003
The retailers involved in the Esso trial have been left shattered and confused by last month’s verdict, which – after a prolonged build-up, gruelling two-month trial, and anxious three-month wait for the judge to make his decision – ruled against them on Tiger Tokens and hot fuel; and left them with the prospect of going back to the County Courts to get individual judgements on the third issue of margins, fees and allowances.
Don’t look back they say. Those who do are often accused of viewing the good ol’ days through rose-tinted specs. But as Chris Cundall points out, he was operating on better profits 10 years ago.
I had rather wished that DVD supplier Deal Direct would just go away. Sylvia Brudenall, who runs a Murco service station at Taunton, agrees. “I got a load of unwanted stuff last October from Price Slasher (another of the company’s incarnations). I kept asking them to pick the DVDs up and they said – ‘you send them back and we’ll repay the postage’.

Look on the bright side

01 August, 2003
Despite the continuing drip-drip news of site closures that continues to make headlines, and the ever-present concerns of mainstream retailers in regard to the seemingly suicidal antics of the hypermarkets, there is some comfort in the Database figures.

Full throttle

01 August, 2003
Something of a whirlwind has been making its way through BP’s retail operation for the past nine months, and not much has been left unaffected by the prevailing winds.

Ring leaders

01 August, 2003
The mobile phones market is undergoing something of a revolution. Recent years have seen the emergence of wireless internet access and picture messaging, and now video messaging and the advent of 3G promise to keep people connected everywhere at all times. This spells great news for retailers because the more consumers use their phones – and these new services don’t come cheap – the more airtime they need.

Liquid living

01 August, 2003
According to Britvic’s Soft Drinks Category Report 2002, forecourts have maintained value and volume in the soft drinks sector and reversed a significant decline that has been seen over previous years. “Soft drinks were worth £227m to forecourts last year,” says Sue Garfitt, director of category planning at Britvic. “Forecourts are at the heartland of convenience grocery, offering a fill-up when doing the weekly shop or a top-up shop when petrol is needed.”

Sterling machine

01 August, 2003
While a cash machine is fast becoming an expected facility on the forecourt, many motorists remain oblivious to the availability of the service at petrol stations.

Canine cleaning costs fall

01 August, 2003
Dog Wash Sales has introduced a lower-cost dog washing machine, following the launch of the first dog wash in the UK in early 2003.

Clever counter claim

01 August, 2003
Trimco has launched a new serve-over patisserie counter. The Azurem

Space exploration

01 August, 2003
Spar has appointed Cheshire-based retail solutions provider Galleria to help improve space management planning for its retailers.

Individual approach

01 August, 2003
Exclusive to forecourts and foodservice outlets, Manor Bakeries has introduced Mr Kipling Individuals.

Handy profit earners

01 August, 2003
Nestlé Foodservice has unveiled two new microwaveable hand-held snack products.

Sporty move for Ribena

01 August, 2003
GlaxoSmithKline is extending its Ribena range with the launch of a new sportscap variety.

KP's flavour focus

01 August, 2003
Hula Hoops is revitalising its range with the introduction of a new look and two new flavours – cheese toastie and bacon & ketchup.

Souper idea for cars

01 August, 2003
Heinz has introduced a range of microwaveable soup cups available in four flavours – sundried tomato & basil, forest mushroom, chicken & golden sweetcorn, and cream of tomato.

Wild time for Skittles

01 August, 2003
Skittles has launched a limited edition Wild Berry variant. Flavours include cherry, blackberry-apple, raspberry, strawberry-kiwi and blueberry.

Pure and innocent

01 August, 2003
Innocent Drinks has launched a range of juicy waters made from spring water, fruit and natural beet sugar.

Kellogg's fruit snack pack

01 August, 2003
Kellogg’s has launched Screamin’ Fruit Squidgers, a crushed fruit snack
SO THE CHARCOAL ON THE BARBIE was almost out, the last beef burger disappeared long ago and, yes, we’d sunk quite a few bottles of wine between the six of us. We’d talked about the usual things – local gossip, sex, politics, football and weather – so we drifted into some of those twilight zones of conversation that you only visit when the sun is low and the blood alcohol level is high. You know what I mean – can you describe a spiral staircase without using your hands? If you were the last man on Earth after a nuclear explosion, who would you choose to be the last woman? What would you do if you won the lottery? Anyway, out of the blue one of my friends mentioned he’d been reading in the papers about the Co-op and them buying up convenience stores. What exactly, he asked, is a convenience store?

Fuel prices August 2003

01 August, 2003
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