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Pure White: the answer to winter gritting woes

31 August, 2011
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Nationwide Gritting and Salt Supplies (NGSS)reckons it has the answer to the problems people have clearing their paths and drives of snow.

That answer is Pure White marine salt, a 100% sustainable, high-quality salt that, unlike other products, lacks impurities.

Apparently many of the supply problems with salt during our past two harsh winters have come from the mining and distribution of UK salt. NGSS says this salt is packed full of impurities including mud and grit; it deteriorates when left outside; and therefore needs to be kept undercover. Production and mining is based on several things: the ability to extract the salt from the mines; the amount of safe storage capacity above ground; the logistics of getting sufficient trucks in at any one time to be loaded to take it away; and the capablity of the end user to store enough of it. Tony Lynam, head of retail at NGSS, says Pure White overcomes all these problems. "Its high quality and lack of impurities mean that is can be shipped to the UK and kept safely at our storage site, which is capable of handling 500,000 tonnes.

"The purity of the salt means it is ideal for retailing at forecourts. Once spread on a surface (road, pathway, drive or even a car park), it works in two ways: it prevents ice forming and keeps the surface safe; and the anti-icing elements of salt act on the ice and remove it and a lot faster and more effectively than grit or rock salt.

"Its cleanliness also means no mud or grit that can be tramped into homes or offices."

For forecourts, Pure White has been packaged in attractive bags, ranging in size from 450g to 20kg. The 10kg bag, which retails at £6.99, has an 'easy carry' handle.

Lynam says this pack size has already been ordered by one of the big oil companies.

There is also a 3kg, specially-designed, hard-wearing plastic container with a spreader lid attachment; a 1.5kg 'wand' designed to fit discreetly into cars and vans for emergency use; and a 600g shaker ideal for short pathways and drives. Says Lynam: "The lack of impurities in Pure White means that it is very effective when used in lower quantities much more effective than brown rock salt."

NCSS hopes that its new range of packaging and formats will make this often 'grudge purchase', more acceptable.

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