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Money Talk: Holiday times can be stressful... so planning is vital

Money Talk: The knock-on effects of the continuing rise in pump prices

Money Talk: High Street in crisis? What does it means for forecourts?

Money Talk: Time to talk pensions as not even you can work forever

If you've been running your own business and employing staff for more than a couple of years, you'll no doubt remember all of the publicity about Pensions Auto Enrolment. How between 2012 and 2017 every employer, down to the smallest, was repeatedly reminded to ensure that they had a recognised pension scheme in place for every member of their staff between the ages of 22 and their state pension age. Of course, now that we're well into 2018, as an employer you've met all of the deadlines and complied with all of the regulations, so why are we mentioning it again?

Money Talk: Doing it yourself isn't always the better option for business

Recent events have given the concept of 'outsourcing' rather a bad press, albeit that many of the arguments are about politics rather than business. From the media coverage of the Carillion failure you might get the impression that everyone should go back to some (perhaps mythical) golden age where organisations performed every function 'in-house' and everything in the garden was rosy. Those who've been around for a few years might remember that when businesses did largely try and do everything in-house there was often a lot of inefficiency and unnecessary additional cost.

Money Talk: Following the demise of P&H, is it back to the cash and carry?

For anyone involved in forecourt retailing over the years, the news of Palmer & Harvey's collapse late last November is likely to have been more than a shock more like the end of an era. Unless you're old enough to have worked in this industry for longer than say 20 years, you probably can't remember a time when P&H wasn't the default supplier of just about everything in the forecourt shop, bar newspapers.

Money talk: Blink and you missed it: the 2017 (Autumn) Budget

In the last days before the Budget there had been speculation regarding a specific hit on diesel users with some people suggesting a possible increase in fuel duty on diesel of as much as 2-3ppl which was quite alarming to both the haulage industry and millions of ordinary punters, since pump prices had already gone over the 120ppl mark at many sites across the country.

Money Talk: Deposit Return Schemes - green values or just more red tape?

Depending on your politics possibly the most interesting topic to have emerged from this autumn's round of party-political conferences was the discussion regarding proposals for the introduction of some type of Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) on sales of various bottled or packaged products. It was interesting not least because the subject was raised by Environment Minister Michael Gove who is generally considered to be somewhere on the 'free market', right wing of a party which makes much of its anti-red tape/pro-business stance. Although the recent publicity has concentrated on Mr Gove's intervention, many commentators seem unaware that the Scottish government had already commissioned a detailed study of such a scheme earlier this summer and they have the power to introduce legislation without needing to wait for Westminster to produce a version for England and Wales.

Money Talk: Renting out all or part of your site? Stop and consider this...

Visit many forecourts today and you're likely to come across a familiar sight: parts of the premises sub-let to smaller 'independent' businesses renting some space from the owner to carry out their own activities. The most common, of course, is the hand car wash. In other cases it may be a used-car sales operation or workshop activity. And, in some cases, the actual shop itself is completely separate from the fuel part of the operation.

Money Talk: Make sure you're really paying the National Minimum Wage

The embarrassment must be a PR person's nightmare. Imagine: you represent a very large national retailer; one that continually advertises on TV, radio and in magazines and newspapers. Then comes the press release from HM Government across all the news media your client has just been included in the latest 'name and shame' list as the largest of 233 employers across the country who've failed to comply with National Minimum Wage (NMW) regulations. Not only does the company have to repay some £1.5m among 12,000 staff to cover underpayments going back four years, but it also admits that the underpayments are more widespread. Oh, and don't forget the £800,000 fine imposed by HMRC for the original offence. Even if you don't usually have much time for PR-types, you might feel a little sympathy imagining them trying to put some positive spin on this sort of story.

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Weekly retail fuel prices: 30 March 2020
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East Midlands119.01131.46114.46
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North West117.71131.66113.21
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Yorkshire & Humber117.69131.84113.09

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