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Electric revolution: Ramsay MacDonald

The demise of the combustion engine, signalled by recent announcements from almost all of the major car manufacturers, means in no uncertain terms that electric is the fuel front runner for the next generation of passenger cars. This creates a complex set of challenges but also exciting opportunities, both for the fuel suppliers such as Certas Energy and the UK's forecourt retailers. Other fuels will have their place, particularly with regards to HGV traffic going forward, but the car manufacturers seem to have made up their mind that electric, either hybrid or exclusively, is the fuel they are backing for passenger cars.

Tracy West: Shop Talk

As an old bird, technology or rather what it can do can baffle my brain. However, even I am aware of the power of social media. And, if you've not yet embraced Facebook, Instagram or Twitter then Halloween gives you the perfect opportunity.

Merril Boulton: editor

Calm down everyone I think! From the alarming headlines that preceded the government's announcement last month on tackling air pollution to the more considered comment released by UKPIA's director general, Chris Hunt (see News Extra on page 10), there were was a lot of shock and bewilderment in between.

Chris Hunt: UKPIA director general

Since I last wrote this column, the UK's General Election was held and the Queen's Speech, on June 21, set out the government's programme for the period between 2017 and 2019 and certainly life hasn't got any less complex!

Ray Blake: technical manager PRA

The latest Petroleum Regulations came into force from October 1, 2014 and allowed for a transitional period of three years for the Petroleum Licences that were in force at the time, to be converted by the Petroleum Enforcing Authorities (PEAs) into Petroleum Storage Certificates (PSCs). The three years have nearly passed, and by September 1, 2017, all petrol filling stations should have been issued with a PSC. There are some people within the industry that haven't grasped the significance of the change even though PEAs should have sent letters and guidance explaining the changes at the time when the licence was due to expire.

Shop Talk: Tracy West

How times change. When I was growing up, you only got one type of milk and that came from a cow. Today you can get goats' milk, almond milk, cashew milk, soya milk you name it and it seems you can milk it.

Merril Boulton: editor

The drive towards a growing UK car parc of electric vehicles is gathering momentum by the day, particularly with last month's Queen's Speech in which the government reinforced its determination to develop the electric and hydrogen-powered vehicle sector (see News Extra, page 10).

James Lowman: ACS chief executive

After such an unexpected (for most) General Election result, it's no surprise that Theresa May followed up with a scaled-down Queen's Speech.  But within the speech, there was still one important piece of legislation mentioned that will have direct implications for the forecourt sector. That was the Automated and Electric Vehicles (AEV) Bill. One of the consequences of the outcome of the General Election was that many of the Bills that were in progress during the previous parliament had to either be reintroduced or scrapped altogether. The AEV Bill is an example of the former, essentially consisting of a copy and paste of the Vehicle Technology Aviation Bill (VTAB) that had reached Committee Stage in the House of Commons before the election.

Charlotte Blum: analysis editor, Argus Media

Crude futures prices fell below $45/bl at one point in June for the first time since November, as demand growth has been slow. UK retail prices are following with their usual lag. In a sign that rebalancing the market is proving harder than first thought, Opec members are starting to talk about possible deeper cuts.

Merril Boulton: editor

There's been a lot of worrying stuff in the news recently and I'm not talking about the campaign for the General Election, which will be done and dusted by the time anyone reads this. Whatever your persuasion we will, of course, have to make the best of the outcome, but at least we won't have to bear the ugly sight of potential candidates and audiences catfighting on the TV any more.

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