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David Charman - chairman CWA

The 2016 rates valuation is something the whole industry is worried about, but not, it seems, the hand car washers. Yet again so many of them will not be listed or if they are, no proper investigation will have taken place to ensure that they pay their correct rates. It's terribly frustrating as the CWA has provided much of the data necessary for the job to be done properly.

Shop Talk - Tracy West

I love chocolate as much as the next person actually probably more so, and my absolute favourite is Cadbury Dairy Milk. However, I am not a big fan of what they are doing to it ie launching more and more obscure varieties. They must have done their research but even so... First up, let's look at Medley, two 93g bars which say on the wrapper 'A delightful Medley of' and that's either dark chocolate chips, biscuit and fudge pieces or dark chocolate chips, carmelised hazelnuts and raspberry pieces.

Merril Boulton:Top 50 - a decade on

Another successful Top 50 Indies dinner took place last month, and as we reach a milestone 10 years of the report, I thought it would be interesting to look back at the launch of the listing, which was first published in 2006.

Merril Boulton: MRH - from bust to boom

Big news that the owners of MRH have sold the business to US private equity company Lone Star (see News page 4).

Peter Harding - retail consultant

This year will see many changes in the provision of point-of-sale systems in the UK. Torex/Micros/Oracle seems to have passed the mantle for sales to other parties and several have taken partnerships with Oracle for the supply of systems at various different levels. But a word of caution when seeking new systems this year always ensure that the system you are being sold actually exists and is not just a plan in someone's mind.

Shop Talk - Tracy West

Our esteemed editor Merril Boulton loves a Sherbet Lemon and Bassett's are her favourite, so she was delighted with the news that brand owner Mondelez is promoting 'adult candy' via a major relaunch. She's hoping her favourites will then be more widely available. Whenever I see them in a shop, I do buy her some (what a creep, I hear you say) and typically they are found in forecourt stores, so that's good for business.

Merril Boulton: Ignorance is key for Fair Fuel campaign

Happy New Year to you all. Made me smile to see the supermarkets getting a slating over their pricing strategies for a change, instead of always the traditional fuel retailing fraternity.

James Lowman - ACS chief executive

In the summer of 2015, ACS launched one of its biggest ever campaigns in opposition to changes to Sunday Trading regulations announced by the Chancellor in his July Budget. We lobbied hard to ensure that the issue was front-of-mind for MPs, and as a result of the campaigning work, a sizeable group of Conservative MPs and the Scottish National Party publicly stated that they would vote against a change in the rules.

Kevin Eastwood - Executive director BOSS

The police and other law enforcement bodies face continuing pressure to prioritise resources in the face of austerity measures. BOSS has been working hard to maintain and build on existing relationships to ensure maximum benefit for members, recognising that it's important to do more than just report a crime. This has led to the recovery of more than £2m for members, together with positive outcomes and prosecution of numerous persistent offenders.

Shop Talk - Tracy West

Happy New Year to you all. Can you believe that we've already had 15 years of the 21st century? Every time I think of the 21st century, I'm transported back to my school days when we all imagined that by now, some of us would be living on the moon. Of course, it's not happened yet, but technology does evolve in leaps and bounds, not least payment technology.

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Weekly retail fuel prices: 18 May 2020
RegionDieselLPGSuper ULUL
East Midlands112.21122.26106.78
North East110.8763.90125.50105.36
North West111.4965.90121.74106.55
Northern Ireland108.30111.90101.84
South East113.30122.65108.11
South West112.20120.84106.51
West Midlands112.13125.92106.81
Yorkshire & Humber111.7057.70123.12106.23

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