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Stephen Marcos Jones: director general, UKPIA

Hardly a day goes by without a newspaper headline telling us about the next big thing in the world of transport. Artificial Intelligence. Driverless cars. Real-time data sharing with other road users. Deliveries bringing fuel direct to your home or business. Low-carbon fuels, both liquid and non-liquid, hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon.

Kevin Eastwood: executive director - BOSS

When it comes to non-payment on forecourts, experience tells us that some motorists do make genuine mistakes and it's important to respect customers inadvertently caught in a difficult situation. These can be rectified if accurate information is collected by retailers so that repayments can be made within a reasonable timeframe. This said, we must then turn to those motorists who deliberately seek to evade payment.

Tracy West: retail commentator

The 'bah humbug' brigade, typically active at Christmas time, are now out for Easter. Pre-Easter stories in the mainstream media are usually about how over-priced Easter eggs are when you compare their chocolate content to bars that are available all-year-round. In the past there has also been chuntering about packaging but many manufacturers have done away with the plastic part of their packaging. Today though, the anti-Easter (or rather Easter egg) stories emanate from research commissioned by the RSPH. If, like me, you'd never heard of them, they are the Royal Society for Public Health an independent, multi-disciplinary charity dedicated to the improvement of the public's health and wellbeing.

Chris Judge: analysis editor, Argus Media

The steady gains for crude oil in 2018 continued through March and UK motorists are now feeling the pinch at the pump, as Opec maintained solid discipline containing output. Benchmark Brent crude oil futures ended March at $68.39/bl, gaining $2.36/bl on the month and are now up by nearly $15/bl in 2019. Retail diesel and petrol prices have risen sharply in March, up by more than 1.5/ppl after failing to keep pace with crude rises for most of the year.

James Lowman: chief executive, ACS

We've just launched our 2019 Crime Report, and it's another shocking insight into the extent and frequency of crime against our sector. Let's start with the financial impact: crimes committed against the convenience sector cost an estimated £246m over the past year, equivalent to over £5,300 for every store in the UK, or what amounts to a 7p 'tax' on every single transaction.

Merril Boulton: editor

Beneath all the excruciating political noise and in spite of it life goes on. And forecourts are in the fortunate position of being an essential part of that daily life. People still need to get to work, they need to refuel, buy breakfast, coffee, lunch, a few groceries and everything else in between. And whatever happens with the whole Europe thing, that will still be the case.

Tracy West: retail commentator

If thousands of your customers were asked to rate your store for things like appearance, queuing time, range of products and value for money, how do you think you'd do?

Alexander Russell: consultant, Car Wash Association (CWA)

Continued pressure by the Car Wash Association (CWA), together with support from MPs, was responsible for finally getting the issue of rogue hand car washes (HCWs) onto Parliament's agenda via the Environmental Audit Committee's (EAC) June 2018 hearings. It was rewarding that the EAC's remit, the context in which they set the issues and the questions that were raised, were all so closely aligned with the CWA's principal concerns. In addition to widespread pollution by up to 20,000 HCWs, these included Modern Slavery, tax evasion, employment and health and safety abuses, money laundering and drug dealing.

Chris Judge: analysis editor, Argus Media

Oil prices continued to rise as it became clear that the US was not securing a quick win to force President Nicolas Maduro from power in Venezuela, prolonging sanctions on the country's oil exports.

Brian Madderson: chairman, PRA

There is no doubt that as we head towards Brexit Day on March 29, our politicians and political commentators are ensuring that the outcome continues to be very uncertain. No one can forecast with any real confidence where the country will be in three month's time. This is much the same with the proposed Sainsbury's/Asda tie-up as the Competition & Markets Authority announced a further delay on their findings to April 30. No certainty with this one either!

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Weekly retail fuel prices: 4 November 2019
RegionDieselLPGSuper ULUL
East Midlands130.73139.73126.64
North East129.5562.90137.10125.31
North West129.9963.90138.40126.48
Northern Ireland128.05133.57124.33
South East131.4566.90139.66127.42
South West130.7674.90137.94126.68
West Midlands130.4059.90137.63126.57
Yorkshire & Humber130.02139.47126.29

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