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Day in the Life: Amanda Barber

Like all working mothers, I wake up in the morning with a whole list of things that I need to do before the day is over. I have twin girls, so mornings are usually a manic rush getting ready for school you can imagine three females in the house, all vying for the mirror!

Day in the Life: Paul Cheema

My typical day as a retailer? Well, it starts at around 5.30am when I wake up, then check my emails and Twitter while I'm in the bathroom.

Day in the Life: Richard Chadderton

I would like to be able to say that my day starts with a five-mile run or a visit to the gym, but sadly it doesn't! When the alarm goes off at around 6.30am, breakfast consists of cereal or toast and a cup of tea always tea.

Day in the Life: Neale Smither

Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head. and then wake the kids up and make them breakfast before heading off at around 7.45am to drive the 30 minutes from my home in Bedfordshire to

Day in the Life: Jonathan Tout

During a normal week, I spend at least one day on one-to-ones, focusing on operations, marketing, finance and our pharmacies this provides weekly focus on KPIs and 90-day plans to drive the important numbers and make sure all our great plans are being executed well.

Day in the Life: Adele Shackleton

My day can begin at 'silly o clock' if I have to be in our offices at Canary Wharf or visiting customers. I'm a Yorkshire girl born and bred and love living 'up North' although I do get my leg pulled for the way that I pronounce 'latte' and 'scone' and the fact that we have tea and not dinner. But I'm proud of my roots and the heritage of our 'straight talking no-nonsense approach'.

Day in the Life: Steve Rodell

My day typically starts when the alarm goes off at 6am and I pull my dog-walking clothes on to take our dog, Otto, out for his morning constitutional. My enthusiasm at this time very much depends on the weather, but in any event I spend the time walking, thinking about what the day ahead is going to bring.

Day in the Life: Marc Jones

On a Monday, I typically get into work after I've dropped my youngest child off at school. A lot of the time we have someone who comes in at 6am to sort out the bread, milk and newspapers and then they open the shop at 7am.

Day in the Life: Pete George

It sounds like a cliché, but there really is no such thing as a typical day for me. That's just as well considering I've now been with Phillips 66 in its various forms for 44 years! I first joined the company (at that time Conoco) straight from grammar school in 1970, and have since held a number of roles in transport, terminals, supply, retail and wholesale in different locations throughout the UK and overseas. I think the variety of roles and the different challenges I've faced have kept me on my toes. There's certainly never been a dull moment!

Day in the Life: Ilyas Munshi - Taking care of what he wears... and business too

My morning routine starts around 6.30am when I wake up for morning prayers and a brisk walk round the park but it's recently been too cold so I jump back into bed straight after prayers. However, when I do go for a walk it does mean I have an hour to reflect on personal progress and also plan the day ahead. I then get ready for work and another day brimming with challenges. At work I constantly get ribbed for wearing a suit and tie but I like to take care over what I wear. Having recently shed nearly three stone, I have enjoyed wearing some of my vintage attire from days gone by, as well as shopping for a new wardrobe. As the saying goes: 'People who feel good about themselves produce good results'.

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Weekly retail fuel prices: 4 November 2019
RegionDieselLPGSuper ULUL
East Midlands130.73139.73126.64
North East129.5562.90137.10125.31
North West129.9963.90138.40126.48
Northern Ireland128.05133.57124.33
South East131.4566.90139.66127.42
South West130.7674.90137.94126.68
West Midlands130.4059.90137.63126.57
Yorkshire & Humber130.02139.47126.29

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