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product news: Energizer unveils addition to battery portfolio

Battery brand Energizer is launching an addition to its battery portfolio with the arrival of the Energizer Ultimate Lithium coin range.

Power packs

It's the most wonderful time of the year for battery sales, with AC Nielsen data revealing that 31% of batteries are sold in the 12 weeks before Christmas.


AA and AAA batteries dominate the UK battery market, accounting for 62% and 25% of volume respectively, according to AC Nielsen figures. And together, the main five cell sizes AA, AAA, C, D and 9V satisfy around 80% of consumer requirements. Alkaline is still the largest battery segment with 86% of total value sales, with rechargeables, lithium and zinc accounting for the remainder.

Full of promise

If you've not heard of the Teksta T-rex, Zoomer Dino Boomer, My Friend Cayla or the Xeno interactive toy, you soon will, especially if you've got kids. That's because these toys are Tesco's tips for success this Christmas. And what they've all got in common apart from costing upwards of £60 each is the fact that they all need batteries and they're not included in the box. Of course, you're not expected to stock these items in your shops but you will be expected to stock the batteries that powers them particularly in that week leading up to Christmas when mums and dads are busy wrapping the presents when they realise they need loads of batteries too.

Selling power

The average household owns 17 devices five of which are powered by built-in batteries and 12 that are powered by replaceable batteries. These 12 devices, on average, require two batteries each which are replaced between two and three times a year. Therefore 4872 batteries are needed per household per year. But the places where those batteries are being bought has changed. The grocery multiples have been aggressive with their battery promotions for a long time now, however, more consumers are buying cells from the discounters, but it's a case of you get what you pay for!

Focus on Batteries: Staying power

The big news in the batteries market is Varta's new on-pack claims that its cheaper AA and AAA cells last just as long as Duracell's. Independent research has found that Varta Max Tech AA alkaline lasts as long as Duracell Ultra Power; Varta High Energy AA lasts as long as Duracell Plus Power; and Varta Longlife AA lasts as long as Simply Duracell.

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Weekly retail fuel prices: 12 November 2018
RegionDieselLPGSuper ULUL
East Midlands136.60139.38129.02
North East136.4569.90142.07128.06
North West136.60138.23128.71
Northern Ireland135.0969.90137.92128.64
South East137.4666.90139.94129.99
South West136.7567.90139.46129.38
West Midlands136.02140.93128.76
Yorkshire & Humber135.86140.71128.57

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