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BP's ultimate fuel launch

BP is stirring up the forecourt market with the launch of a new range of premium fuels called Ultimate.

Crime prevention paying off

The latest BOSS Forecourt Crime Survey has revealed what it believes are some encouraging statistics which prove the industry’s investment to cut crime is paying off. While the overall cost of forecourt crime is up three per cent to £20.6m, the cost is still decreasing when compared to results of 2000 (£28m). The number of robberies is down 32 per cent and incidents involving weapons is down 22 per cent.

Total’s Tops reward scheme re-launched

Total is to relaunch its Tops loyalty and reward scheme next month.

Murco retailers angered by Blueheath supply deal

Murco contract managers have been angered by a move to force them to change their grocery supplier. The problems follow a deal between Murco and internet grocery wholesaler Blueheath to supply its Shopstop and Checkout branded stores (Forecourt Trader, June 2003, p13). The contract managers have complained of late and bungled deliveries, with some products being up to 30 per cent more expensive than their previous suppliers.

Forecourt stores – full steam ahead

The forecourt convenience sector was worth £3.6bn last year, according to the latest report on the sector by the Institute of Grocery distribution.

Gang raid threat

Police are warning filling station owners about a professional gang of thieves who have already hit five outlets in the East Midlands, stealing thousands of pounds worth of cigarettes.

Nisa launches forecourt fascia

Nisa-Today’s has announced a forecourt option for its Nisa retail

Inside track

Ever wanted to find out what makes your customers tick? Well, TNS is hoping to help the forecourt industry do just that with its new continuous panel service.

Badge of honour

Sales advisers at Esso company-owned service stations can now acquire an addition to their uniform thanks to a new incentive scheme called Passion for Service.

Industry cop-out

As I write this I feel a little like Mister Angry because I just despair of this industry. How many years do we have to work without profit before common sense takes a hold? The government’s recent announcement about a Revenue increase on fuel was widely reported and discussed and the public understood only too well the source. Anger was rightly placed at the government’s door as the tax on fuel can never, to my mind, be justified.

What price profits?

Our story back in August about Chris Cundall’s quest to make up his deficit on his Texaco petrol margins by putting up his snacks and confectionery prices has prompted some interesting responses. Richard emailed me a comprehensive set of equations to show you don’t necessarily need to match the competition.

The art of writing

They say letter writing is a lost art. Well, not entirely, although it may have become a bit sidetracked into those great stacks of emails and txt msgs u get 4 eg. But the writing of a good, coherent letter of complaint, now that is often a difficult thing, given that the writer ranges from ticked off to having totally lost it.

Different, but similar

Anyone who has visited North America will likely come back with the notion that they don’t know they’re born as far as petrol prices go. Last month I visited my family in Canada, managing to arrive 20 minutes before a huge hydro blackout rendered everything into darkness along the eastern seaboard from northern Canada all the way down to Florida. All commercial enterprises immediately closed their doors and naturally we all thought we had been nuked rather than falling victim to a series of hydro stations playing dominoes-all-fall-down.

Wages report

This is not simply a ‘survey’ but calculations from the real-life payroll transactions of almost 8,000 employees at nearly 900 petrol sites during a single week in September. Hence, we’re confident the results are as close as anyone can get to knowing the real pay picture. But please bear in mind the following points:

Lookout for the Touts

It could be argued that forecourt retailing in the UK has taken a leap forward thanks to one independent site in Somerset.

Infallible fallon

Steve Fallon started out as a chartered accountant, but having got close to the petrol retailing industry through his work with accountants EK Williams, he fancied he could make a good living out of it and decided to jump in himself.

Sweet success

Sugar confectionery sales are growing three times faster than chocolate, according to The Haribo Report 2003, which attributes the growth to new product development and increased market support. It puts the value of the total sugar confectionery market at £993m and says that the top performers are gums & jellies, soft & chewy fruits and family-sized bags.

Counter attraction

Over the counter medicines (OTC) have become an increasingly common sight in the grocery trade over recent years. While the government has stopped short of total deregulation of the pharmacy industry for grocers, it is keen to encourage self-medication for a range of complaints – and time-pushed consumers are also keen to go down this route.

Selling point

Epos and back office technology is advancing fast. In the never-ending bid to make life easier for retailers, suppliers are constantly developing kit to make transactions quicker, more accurate, and give operators greater control of their businesses.

Used kit on finance

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is to supply retailers with used equipment on flexible finance terms, and spare parts and forecourt consumables following the launch of a new initiative.

Digital CCTV launch for forecourts

Andova Controls has introduced the Integral DVXi CCTV recorder that offers a selection of camera-specific video quality settings and provides remote users with access to individual images.

Roasting hot coffee

Andova Controls has introduced the Integral DVXi CCTV recorder that offers a selection of camera-specific video quality settings and provides remote users with access to individual images.

Roasting hot coffee

Douwe Egberts has unveiled a new roast and ground coffee machine.

Slim chiller saves space

Hussman has introduced a range of slimline multi-deck chillers.

Silver for Rizla

Rizla has introduced a new rolling paper to cash in on the growing king size and slim sectors of the UK smoking accessories market.

Kid's drinks soar in rate of sale test

Two retailers have increased sales of kids’ soft drinks by a combined total of 472 per cent, thanks to the installation of Hall & Woodhouse’s Popzone concept.

Mini Cheddars goes crinkly

KP Snacks has relaunched its Mini Cheddars Crinklins brand as Mini Cheddars Crinkly’s.

Flapjacked HobNobs

McVitie’s Cake Company is bringing the HobNobs biscuit brand into a flapjack format.

Crosse & Blackwell brand overhaul

Crosse & Blackwell has been given a uniformed identity and a number of new products will be introduced in a major brand overhaul.

New look for KP nuts

KP Nuts has been given a new look to increase shelf standout. The new packaging will be available on 50g and 100g impulse packs, and 200g, 300g, and 500g sharing packs.

Apple flavour fruit shoot

Fruit Shoot from Robinsons is now available in apple flavour.

Grape expectations

Wine brand division of Diageo, Percy Fox & Co, has launched an Argentinian wine into the UK market.

Third Flake variant

Cadbury Trebor Bassett has added a new variant to its Flake brand.

McVitie's relaunches low-fat snack brand

McVitie’s Go Ahead brand will be relaunched in a bid to grow brand value by 10 per cent by the end of 2004.

Lunchtime snacks for impulse

A new range of fresh salads, fruit salads and desserts from Johnson’s are now available to the ‘on-the-go’ market.

Healthy eating brand unveils new varieties

Weight Watchers from Heinz (WWfH) has unveiled two new frozen potato products, two additions to its frozen ready meal range, plus two new iced desserts.

Car wash cloth for convenient car cleaning

A new all-in-one car wash cloth that cleans and waxes paintwork, chrome and exterior vinyl without a bucket of water or shampoo has been introduced by Carix.

Mo'gas: An irreverent view from the network

ACCORDING TO SOME OF MY FRIENDS I ought to have been a farmer. ‘You’re only happy when you’re moaning’ they complain, ‘doesn’t anything ever go right for you?’. Well, actually… very rarely. Let them try being a petrol retailer and see how bright and sunny they feel.

Fuel prices October 2003

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Weekly retail fuel prices: 10 June 2019
RegionDieselLPGSuper ULUL
East Midlands134.59140.57129.69
North East133.19142.40129.15
North West134.1363.90139.73129.13
Northern Ireland131.34135.32128.05
South East135.2562.40141.74130.52
South West134.5167.90140.57129.57
West Midlands134.34140.64129.70
Yorkshire & Humber133.72140.40129.24

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