The Road Haulage Association has expressed its support for the move by Robert Halfon, Tory MP for Harlow, who will tomorrow table a Private Members Bill to make fuel pricing more transparent.

"This initiative will serve as a real wake up call to all users of road fuels – petrol or diesel," said RHA spokesperson Kate Gibbs.

"Filling the tank, regardless of size, has always been costly," she continued. "If the cost of the fuel duty and the VAT is clearly shown on the receipt, it will make users far more aware of just where their money is going."

"This is a move that could benefit the economy in general and the road haulage sector in particular as customers will see that they are getting the best possible rate for the job.

"The price of fuel has become a wide-reaching political issue – it affects everyone. If this move for transparency goes ahead, fuel pricing has the potential to become a real vote winner, or indeed vote loser"