I’ve always been a bit fascinated by the Graze craze. You know, those boxes of delicious but healthy snacks that get sent direct to consumers’ homes or desks.

I’ve often been tempted to fill out a coupon for a free trial but haven’t ever got to round to it, but now I don’t have to. And that’s because Graze has branched out into retail available now in Sainsbury’s, Boots and WH Smith travel outlets. The new retail range, called Graze Good to Go, comprises 12 snack punnets in sweet and savoury varieties, which will apparently be positioned front-of-store in most listed outlets.

Graze is a big success story, which started here some seven years ago and has since launched into the US. The entire range comprises over 1,000 recipes and the Good to Go 12 include lemon drizzle flapjack, salted fudge & peanut cookie, chocolate pretzel dippers (these are delicious!), herby bread basket, smokehouse BBQ crunch, Thai sweet chilli dippers and punchy protein nuts. Rrps start at £1.19.

The packaging is great a rustic-looking cardboard outer featuring a window so you can see through to the products in the punnet. On-pack messages include calorie counts and the fact that the products are handmade.

I really hope they roll these out to more outlets because they not only look good, they taste good too.

The people at Graze report that in an initial trial of nine test SKUs in Boots, the products delivered the highest rate of sale across the store’s total snack business, with five of the range appearing in the top 10-selling SKUs for the period of the trial. What is more, sales data revealed that almost 50% of purchases were made by consumers who hadn’t actually bought into Boots’ snacking category in the previous five months at all, which indicated that the new Graze lines were set to drive significant category value.

Graze says that it was approached directly by retailers looking to expand their on-the-go healthy snack offerings, and then developed the range "taking inspiration from its most popular consumer rated snacks" to offer products that are "delicious and balanced and at a great price point".

It’s now your turn to approach Graze and get them to make their range available to smaller retailers.