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PIPELINE: AdBlue supply returns and prices fall in April

2022-04-11T14:38:00+01:00By Elliot Radley, Argus Media

A string of European urea plants restarted AdBlue production in late March, after being taken off line owing to record high natural gas prices.

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MONEY TALK: A little sympathy for the Chancellor... anyone?

2022-04-11T14:19:00+01:00By Jan Mikula, EKW Group

It’s not very often that anyone feels sympathy for a Chancellor of the Exchequer (and I’m not talking about the latest headlines!); but even the most hard-hearted observer ought to have just a little for Rishi Sunak following last month’s Spring Statement.

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TECH TALK: Consultation on low-carbon fuels strategy is a welcome step for the industry

2022-03-31T15:33:00+01:00By Clare Scawthorn, technical manager, PRA

Some of you may have seen the Government’s recent call for ideas on the Low Carbon Fuels Strategy. A welcome step for the forecourt industry as it shows policy makers are looking at wider options.

Mother's Day

SHOP TALK: Making Mother’s Day

2022-03-03T14:29:00+00:00By Tracy West - retail commentator

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday March 27 and what makes this year’s event even more special is the fact that it’s the first one since 2019 that we’ll be able to celebrate properly.

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SERVICE CENTRE: Food, fuel, flowers; and advice on fraud


Why is it that people get sniffy about the quality of food available at forecourts? And their flower arrangements? There still seems to be plenty of prejudice around.

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MONEY TALK: Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…

2022-02-28T14:02:00+00:00By Jan Mikula, EKW Group

It would seem that ’Covid’ has disappeared from the news in the past few weeks even more rapidly than it arrived more than two years ago – although some experts are quietly warning that this might be only a temporary relief, until the next variant arrives.

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LEGAL: What is your solicitor on about? A guide to ‘legalese’.


One of the things that makes legal language hardest to understand is its unusual words and terms. These confusing legal terms are known as ‘legalese’; a language in and of itself, that is used by those in the legal sphere. 

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SERVICE CENTRE: What do customers think of E10? Lots of complaints about mpg...


What do your customers think of E10? I recently noticed a new thread trending on my local Nextdoor site. Lots of people were complaining that they are getting fewer miles per gallon with E10 fuel. 


PIPELINE: Margins firm as Russian spectre looms

2022-02-07T13:36:00+00:00By Elliot Radley, Argus Media

The European refined products market has entered the new year in a much stronger position than last, as markets begin to return to some normality in 2022 and ‘endemic’ has rapidly become the phrase du jour.

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SHOP TALK: Spreading the love this Valentine’s Day

2022-02-03T11:44:00+00:00By Tracy West - retail commentator

This year Valentine’s Day (February 14) falls on a Monday which is definitely not the most romantic night of the week, however you can bet that many couples will still take the time to celebrate.