Changes in consumer demands, environmental concerns and impending legislation is seeing a revolution in vaping innovation for forecourt traders. Find out how to tap into the key trends and ensure your forecourt meets consumers’ needs

The vaping market is facing some major challenges with consumer preferences changing and impending legislation on the cards.

With customer demands for convenience and speed it’s no surprise that disposables vapes have been booming over the last few years. In 2023, the category more than doubled in value to £1.7bn. Volumes doubled too – an additional 155.2 million units had gone through tills.

According to I Vape Great (IVG), disposable vapes are beloved by users who value their ultra-convenience versus other formats, and retailers for their high margins and broad appeal.

But they’re coming under fire with Government legislation looming and suppliers and consumers becoming more aware of the environmental impact.

And with vaping being one of the most lucrative retail categories for forecourts in recent years, it means retailers are having to completely rethink how they stock and merchandise the category.

Responding to shifts in consumer preferences

There are already signs that the vaping market is seeing significant shifts in consumer choices, particularly in forecourts.

I Vape Great (IVG) says that while forecourts have traditionally been dominated by disposable vaping devices due to their convenience and ease of use, there’s been a noticeable trend towards rechargeable pod systems.

While convenient, 600 puff disposable devices generate a substantial amount of waste, prompting environmentally conscious consumers to seek longer-lasting more sustainable alternatives.

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A cleaner vape solution

Rechargeable pod devices offer a solution, as they can be reused multiple times, reducing the overall environmental impact.

Although the initial investment in a rechargeable device may be higher, the long-term savings make it an attractive option for regular vapers, IVG says.

As a result, forecourts are adapting to this change by stocking a wider variety of rechargeable vaping devices to meet the growing demand.

Aarsh Morwal, FMCG Manager at IVG says: “This shift is driven by several proposed factors, including regulation changes, environmental concerns, cost-effectiveness, and the desire for longer lasting vaping experiences.”

So what are some of the options available for retailers when it comes to stocking rechargable vapes.

“At IVG, we have a whole host of vape products to cater to every consumer preference,” says Aarsh Morwal from IVG. “From those that value simplicity to those seeking customisation or variety and flavour innovation. We work closely with retailers to ensure they stock a range that both meets their customers needs and boosts sales. We work closely with retail partners and regularly advise what will sell well within their store, what will be suitable for specific target markets and suggest marketing that will work well in the available space.”

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What are the options for forecourt traders from IVG?

Offering the ultimate disposable experience

IVG’s Smart 5500 device is a long-lasting vape and will last 6 times longer than the standard 2ml 600 puff disposables. This device is designed for those who value simplicity without compromising on quality. It comes with a 10ml dedicated refill container which automatically filters into a 2ml tank inside the device offering a capacity of up to 5500 puffs ensuring longevity and reliability, making it ideal for both occasional and regular users. The Smart 5500 device is equipped with a 1000 mAh battery that maintains consistent power output ensuring every puff is as satisfying as the first. It is available in 30 different flavours.

Versatility and innovation

For vapers seeking more customisation and flexibility, IVG’s range of pod devices offers an excellent alternative. The IVG Air devices, including the IVG Air 4 in 1 and IVG Air 2 in 1, are designed to provide a versatile and satisfying vaping experience.

Flavour experience

Following on from the success of the UK’s first legal big puff disposable, IVG 2400 4in1 disposable device comes the IVG Air 4in1. There are 10 starter kits available offering 4 different flavours in one device. Simply rotate the device to switch flavour any time. Each 2ml pod offers up to 600 puffs so with 4 pods it’s a long lasting vaping experience depending on vaping style.

Once the pods are finished, customers can choose new Air Pod flavours by replacing the pods, thereby reducing waste and minimising the environmental impact. There are 27 flavours to choose from. The huge 1100 mAh battery power means not only an excellent flavour experience but also that a recharge will only be required once a day, so retaining the convenience of a disposable.

Compact and convenient

IVG Air 2in1 is a perfect choice for those who enjoy variety but prefer a more compact device. This device offers a unique dual flavour system, allowing users to switch between two different flavours seamlessly. Again, each 2ml pod offers up to 600 puffs and once the pods run out they can be replaced with new Air Pod flavours offering the user ultimate choice and convenience.

Convenience and choice

As well as new devices, IVG have launched the world’s first 4in1 salts. There are 4 editions available, and each edition offers a curated selection of IVG’s most popular flavours ensuring that there is something for every palate. This innovation was created with the user in mind, offering the convenience of 4 flavours in one box. 

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