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  • FT L&B Blue New Crush RC 200s Outer
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    Imperial Tobacco launches new Crush variants of L&B Blue and JPS Players


    Imperial Tobacco has announced the launch of New Crush variants for two of its leading brands, L&B Blue and JPS Players. Designed specifically with former crushball consumers in mind, the latest innovations are intended to present retailers with fresh opportunities for growth in the wake of the menthol ban.

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    Urgent action called for from government to ensure supply of tobacco products


    Trade associations for the retail and wholesale sectors are calling for urgent action from the Government to ensure the supply of tobacco products.

  • FT JTI don't be complicit logo

    Two tobacco fraudsters prosecuted as part of JTI illicit tobacco campaign


    Two fraudsters who sold counterfeit Amber Leaf tobacco through Facebook have been prosecuted in a campaign to tackle the illicit tobacco trade, funded by Japan Tobacco International (JTI).

  • FT JTI 3in1 Sterling pack
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    JTI transitions Sterling Rolling Tobacco 3-in-1 Box to a handy pouch format


    JTI has announced that it will be transitioning its Sterling Rolling Tobacco 3-in-1 Box to a handy pouch format, as the demand for more convenient alternatives grows.

  • JTI's I Give A Butt OOH

    JTI launches two schemes designed to tackle problem of cigarette butt littering


    Tobacco company JTI has announced two new schemes designed to change consumer behaviour around cigarette butt littering.

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    Vape Dinner Lady beefs up its menthol offer


    Vaping firm Vape Dinner Lady has urged smokers and retailers to make the switch to vaping as the UK ban on menthol cigarettes has been enacted. “For many years, menthol cigarette smokers have visited a store to buy their menthol tobacco or cigarettes, but from May 20 they were ...

  • JTI survey finds retailers more prepared for menthol ban

    JTI survey finds retailers more prepared for menthol ban


    With the Menthol and Capsule Cigarette Ban just days away on May 20, a study conducted by JTI has revealed what retailers expect current menthol and capsule smokers to do once the legislation comes into effect. The survey found that over half (52%) of retailers expect smokers to remain ...

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    Menthol’s stubbed out


    From May 20, the sale of menthol cigarettes is banned. This ban applies to capsule, click on, click roll, crushball and dual menthol cigarettes but not to heated tobacco products or e-cigs. This means you need to sell through any remaining stock of menthol cigarettes before May 20 ...

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    Philip Morris unveils Buy-Back system for menthol cigarettes


    Philip Morris Limited (PML) has revealed further details of its ‘Buy-Back’ system to support retailers following the ban on menthol cigarettes, as IQOS Menthol Kits become available to stock. The ‘Buy-Back’ system will allow retailers to return Philip Morris menthol cigarette packs which have had all UK duty paid, ...

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    Logic Compact Intense range expands into independents


    JTI’s e-cigarette company Logic has expanded distribution of its Logic Compact Intense range into the independent and wholesale channels. JTI has designed a range of flavour pods with nicotine salts, which it claims meets consumer demand as vapers become more experimental in their vaping choices. The range will be available ...

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    JUUL Labs adds a new menthol flavour to its range


    A new Menthol flavour JUULpod has been launched by e-cigarette company JUUL Labs. John Patterson, JUUL Labs UK sales director said: “JUUL Labs’ focus is to provide adult smokers with an alternative to combustible cigarettes, and combating underage use of our products. “Smoking related diseases are responsible for almost 96,000 ...

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    JTI introduces 3-in-1 rolling tobacco Holborn Yellow variant


    JTI has launched a new 3-in-1 rolling tobacco variant into the Holborn Yellow brand family. For the first time, the pouch will include tobacco, papers and filters all in one place, with 30g of tobacco, 100 papers, and 77 filter tips. Ross Hennessy, sales vice president at JTI UK, said: ...

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    JTI unveils alternatives in run-up to menthol and capsule cigarette ban


    Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has announced it will be launching a series of new alternative products with distinctive tobacco blends plus product and pack innovations ...

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    STG adds peppermint option to Signature cigar range


    Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK has launched a new addition to its Signature cigar range - Signature Dual Filter Cigarillos. The new cigars - available in packs of 10, rrp £4.95 - feature an acetate filter containing a peppermint capsule under a lasered marker to give a smooth smoking ...

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    Republic Technologies brings out NPD under its Swan brand


    Tobacco accessories specialist Republic Technologies (UK) is launching what it describes as its biggest ever NPD programme with the introduction of six new filters from the Swan brand. The new product rollout comprises a carbon paper filter for enhanced filtration, a Swan Long Extra Slim Filter (50% longer than standard), ...

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    Safety first


    The reports of deaths, as well as illness, relating to vaping that are coming over from the US are startling to say the least. However, vaping product suppliers trading here in the UK are keen to reassure vapers and retailers that the products causing the problems in the US are ...

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    JTI introduces new cigarello wrapped in tobacco leaf


    JTI has announced the launch of Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped – a new cigarillo product. The King Size Cigarillos contain a Virginia blend tobacco and, unlike conventional cigarettes, are wrapped in tobacco leaf. Rolling out across all channels from January, Sterling Dual Capsule Leaf Wrapped has a mentholated capsule ...

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    Scandinavian Tobacco Group acquires Royal Agio Cigars


    Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) has acquired all the shares of Agio Beheer BV (Royal Agio), which is the holding company of the Royal Agio Cigars group. Royal Agio is a leading European cigar company with a strong cigar portfolio including key brands such as Mehari´s, Panter and Balmoral. These products ...

  • Rizla introduces solution to Menthol ban

    Rizla introduces solution to Menthol ban


    Imperial Tobacco has unveiled new products from Rizla to help retailers protect their sales ahead of the menthol ban in May. Rizla Flavour Infusions comprise flavour cards that can be used to mentholate traditional factory-made cigarettes or roll-your-own tobacco products. The Rizla Flavour Infusions range of flavour cards ...

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    Vape Dinner Lady extends range of e-liquids


    Vape Dinner Lady has extended its autumn winter line-up by introducing Blue Menthol to its Ice range and Pink Berry to its Fruits family of e-liquids. John Taylor, chief marketing officer for Vape Dinner Lady, said: “We are very excited about the introduction of Blue Menthol and Pink Berry to ...