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    Vaper trail


    You know the e-cigarette industry’s really come of age when the traditional tobacco companies get busy acquiring e-cig firms. So you have JTI with Zandera, which is responsible for E-Lites; Philip Morris International with Nicocigs, the firm behind Nicolites; and BAT with Nicoventures which produces Vype. Meanwhile, Imperial Tobacco has ...

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    Show offs


    This year is going to be a busy one for the tobacco category as it’s the manufacturers’ last chance to launch new lines before the full display ban in April 2015. That’s the opinion of Alan Graham, head of marketing at Scandinavian Tobacco Group UK (STG UK), and he should ...

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    Countdown begins


    April 6, 2015, is D-day for small stores selling tobacco products. From that day on displays have to be covered up, behind doors or shutters. Gayatri Barua-Howe, UK communications manager at Imperial Tobacco, says that while it is each retailer’s personal responsibility to ensure that they comply with the display ...

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    Risky business?


    The risks involved in selling illicit cigarettes have risen substantially as, for the first time ever in the UK, a retailer has been found guilty of intentionally selling dangerous cigarettes. Until now, any UK retailer caught selling "cheap whites" has been prosecuted for tax evasion, but Shapoor Atiqi from Boston ...

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    Burning issues


    The tobacco display ban, which was implemented in larger stores (3,000sq ft-plus) last April, is also now in place in Northern Ireland and Wales, with Scotland set to follow suit this April. Lessons learned from these bigger stores will no doubt help retailers with smaller stores, when they have to ...

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    Focus on Tobacco: Light and shade


    April 6 has been and gone and with it went traditional tobacco displays in stores of 3,000sq ft and above. Instead shoppers in the grocery multiples and larger convenience stores across England are met with kiosks with their shutters down over the tobacco products. One quick glance and these kiosks ...

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    Your chance


    Yet another big change for smokers and retailers comes into force in a matter of weeks when large stores (more than 280sq m or 3,000sq ft) across England will no longer be able to display tobacco products. From April 6, smokers going into a Tesco superstore to buy ...

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    Do it yourself


    Imperial Tobacco says it is helping fight the illicit tobacco trade with its new JPS make-your-own (MYO) cigarette kit. MYO cigarettes have been available before in the UK but without the backing of a big brand name like JPS. However, don’t get too excited just yet as the product was ...

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    Slow burn


    Keeping up with tobacco regulations is a full-time job. In England the plans for a display ban are meant to come into force on October 1 for large stores and on October 1, 2013 for smaller ones. However the change in government last year means we don’t really know what’s ...

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    Rolling on


    Roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco sales topped £1bn in the 12 months ending July 2010, according to AC Nielsen’s Market Track report, which is an increase of over 19% compared to the previous year. "For those who have been watching the market closely, this comes as no surprise," says Iain Watkins, Imperial ...

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    Cloudy times


    Diarmuid O’Donovan has a friendly smile and some easy banter for everyone who walks into his smart O’Donovans forecourt store in leafy Carrigrohane, in the Republic of Ireland. As the owner of the busy County Cork site for the past 13 years, he knows many customers who pass through his ...

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    No show


    The tobacco companies are all in agreement they’re all bitterly disappointed that the government has ignored all the evidence that says a ban on tobacco displays will have no impact on young people smoking. The impact it will have however is on retailers and in a negative way ...

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    Little extras


    You can’t smoke a cigarette without a lighter or matches. Likewise you can’t make a roll your own cigarette without papers. These items the lighters, matches and papers are often forgotten when you think about the multi-billion pound cigarette market but they have an important part to play. ...

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    Slow burn


    Unfortunately the wheels have not come off the lumbering Health Bill and the tobacco display ban that features within it looks likely to go ahead. Last month the House of Lords defeated an amendment to remove the ban from the Bill by 204 votes to 110, and now the Bill ...

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    Still burning bright


    Amid all the furore about the proposed tobacco display ban, tobacco manufacturers remain surprisingly upbeat about the UK tobacco category and its future. And when you take time to look at the figures you can see why. Currently 13 million adults choose to smoke tobacco products in the UK and ...

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    The big smoke


    With all the legislative issues affecting the tobacco market, it could be easy to lose sight of the category’s importance to the forecourt sector. And important it is. After all it’s not that long ago that the forecourt ’shop’ was more of a kiosk selling cigarettes and a bit of ...

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    Smoke signals


    Another year and yet more legislation for the tobacco industry. In 2007 we had the ban on smoking in public places plus the rise in the age at which people could buy tobacco - from 16 to 18. This year we have new laws for lighters plus the introduction ...

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    Burning desire


    In 2006 adult smokers spent just over £13bn on cigarettes, cigars, RYO tobacco, lighters and other accessories - and a lot of that money went through forecourt tills. Cigarettes is, of course, by far the biggest part of the market - worth £11.34bn in retail sales. And forecourts take an ...

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    Burning issues


    Tobacco retailers were already facing a raft of new legislation before the New Year’s Day announcement concerning the raising of the minimum legal age for buying tobacco products from 16 to 18 from October 1. The government’s continuing efforts to coerce more smokers into quitting could also see the ...

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    Don’t give up


    With the ever-increasing duty on tobacco said to be fuelling a boom in counterfeit products and forcing consumers to down-trade to cheaper brands, retailers, manufacturers and smokers alike were hoping Gordon Brown would give them a break. However, the Budget in March saw yet another rise, this time of 9p ...