JTI has announced new, lower recommended retail prices (RRPs) for three of its most popular value RYO brands - Sterling Rolling, Holborn Yellow and Kensitas Club RYO.

Effective immediately, the lower RRPs are designed to help retailers tap into the increased consumer trend for value for money products – which has seen the rolling tobacco segment grow 8.2% year-on-year.

The move will be communicated to retailers via JTI’s updated price list, a direct mail to 39,000 retailers, posted on its JTI Advance online platform and via its sales force. Wholesale promotions and in depot activity will also run throughout November.

Stephane Berset, head of marketing UK at JTI, commented: “Price continues to be a key factor for existing adult smokers when choosing where to shop, in particular in light of increased government taxation on tobacco products.

“JTI is committed to responding to this consumer need and in turn supporting retailers with competitive RRPs. The trend is particularly evident in the growth of the value RYO segment and we’re pleased to continue helping retailers maximise this sales opportunity.”

The new RRPs are:

Sterling Rolling 30g - £10.50

Sterling Rolling 30g 3in1 - £10.60

Sterling Rolling 50g - £17.30

Holborn Yellow 30g - £10.50

Holborn Yellow 50g -£17.30

Kensitas Club RYO 30g - £10.50

Kensitas Club RYO 50g -£17.30