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  • Hockenhull car wash
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    FOCUS ON CAR WASH AND VALETING: Polished performance


    Stories abound across the industry about the resurgence in the popularity of car washing and valeting. Dealers have been investing in new kit and reaping the rewards.

  • Getty soft drinks bottles
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    FOCUS ON SOFT DRINKS: Finding flavour


    When Lilt transitioned into Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit last year, taking its famous ‘totally tropical taste’ with it, who knew it would be such a hit.

  • Revolution site pic
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    The services available from forecourts nowadays are ever growing. There is fuel obviously (petrol/diesel/electricity), air and water, a car wash, ATM, a decent convenience store, food to go, customer toilets… and much more.

  • Beckham walkers
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    If Thierry Henry knocked on your door and asked if you had any Walkers Crisps, what are the chances of you saying yes? Obviously you’d have them in your forecourt shop but what about at home?

  • Madigans self checkout
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    If you want to see retail technology in action, look no further than Madigans Court Spar forecourt on Antrim Road, Belfast, which has invested in technology in a big way, offering customers the option of self-checkouts, using electronic shelf-edge labels and also the Glory cash management closed-loop system.

  • Getty pump close up
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    FOCUS ON PUMPS: In full flow?


    Pumps that are slow to deliver fuel are a pain for punters but they can also be a pain for retailers, as this may well indicate that the pump is coming to the end of its lifespan.

  • Getty euros 24
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    FOCUS ON SUMMER SPORT & BARBECUE: It’s all kicking off


    With UEFA’s Euros ’24 in Germany followed by the Olympic Games in Paris, we can expect some serious sales uplifts as armchair fans cheer their nations on this summer.

  • Fast Trak1
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    We all know the value of impulse purchases; eye-catching items that can push spend up and increase your bottom line. But would you ever have imagined that a ‘cat radiator bed’ would be a good impulse seller?

  • Getty RTD
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    FOCUS ON SUMMER ALCOHOL: Are you ready?


    There was a time when some people sniffed at RTDs (ready to drinks) but they’ve come a long way from their cheap and cheerful beginnings.

  • Getty form
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    FOCUS ON INSURANCE: Terms and conditions apply


    Nobody likes reading pages and pages of Terms and Conditions but when it comes to insurance they can be the difference between being paid out for a claim – or not!

  • Maxol Kinnegar1
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    FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY: Environmental action


    The word sustainability means different things to different people. One dictionary definition for it is: “The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”.

  • lynchs eurospar greysteel
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    FOCUS ON SOFT DRINKS: Thirst class


    Soft drinks is a massive category for forecourt stores and especially for Forecourt Trader of the Year Best Soft Drinks Outlet 2023 winner, Lynch’s EuroSpar Greysteel in Londonderry.

  • Getty chocolate 2
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    FOCUS ON CHOCOLATE: Loco for cocoa


    The national press loves a story about ‘shrinkflation’ – you know, products getting smaller but prices going up. The latest, earlier this week, was a story in both the Sun and the Mirror about Wispa bars being ‘half the size, but twice the price’. Cadbury brand owner Mondelez responded by saying reducing the size of its chocolate bars was a last resort in combating rising costs.

  • gettyimages1272795783_342588
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    FOCUS ON VAPING: Forecourt retailers face up to vaping uncertainties and opportunities


    From April 2025 – Parliamentary approval and a change of government notwithstanding – vaping, one of the most lucrative retail categories for forecourts in recent years, will be subject to a barrage of new regulations. It will mean retailers having to completely rethink how they stock and merchandise the category, not unlike when the ban on displaying tobacco products took effect some years back.

  • Park Thieves car care
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    FOCUS ON CAR CARE: Artic action


    A focus on car care has paid off handsomely for Top 50 Indie Park Garage Group (PGG).

  • TSG man
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    FOCUS ON FORECOURT MAINTENANCE: Keeping costs under control


    Despite the presence of a great convenience store or super-fast EV chargers, for many people the main reason they go to a service station is to fill up with petrol or diesel. And for them, nothing is more of a headache than seeing those brightly coloured plastic, out-of-service signs.

  • BP forecourt show
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    If you’re looking for a new fuel supplier or want advice on investing in valeting equipment. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge security solution or help on extending the lifespan of your forecourt assets. Or if you want advice regarding the thorny issue of fuel pricing, then the Forecourt Show is the place to go.

  • NTS Londis
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    FOCUS ON FASCIAS: Group effort


    Whether it’s because they want a well-known name above their door or the buying power that comes from that name, or the own label that’s offered or the regular promotions – thousands of forecourt retailers choose to be part of a symbol group.

  • KaranBP Pulse
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    FOCUS ON EV CHARGING: Weighing up the options


    To invest or not to invest in EV charging? That’s the big question for a lot of you at the moment. But what if a third party does the investing for you?

  • Getty fast food menu
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    FOCUS ON FOOD TO GO: Changing the menu


    Many of you have been doing food to go for a long, long time. It’s been a big success story that has really put a lot of sites on the map – whether that’s because you’ve got a Greggs and/or a Subway, you’ve decided to do your own thing or you do a really popular meal deal.