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  • Peroni
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    FOCUS ON SUMMER ALCOHOL: Refreshing sales


    Everyone likes a drink, right? Well, apparently not everyone. According to the Health Survey for England, 2021 (published in December 2022), 79% of participants reported that they had drunk alcohol in the last 12 months, and 49% reported that they drank alcohol at least once a week. So that leaves just over 20% who say they don’t drink alcohol.

  • haagen-dazs
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    FOCUS ON ICE CREAM: The big chill


    When the sun comes out, ice cream sales typically rise but nowadays there is another sales booster for ice cream, and that is the big night in (BNI).

  • Getty sustainability
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    FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY: Can saving the planet save you money?


    Depending on where you look, the definition of the word ‘sustainability’ is different but there’s no doubting it is one of the biggest buzzwords of the 21st century. Way back in 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Meanwhile, the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines it as “the use of natural products and energy in a way that does not harm the environment”.

  • Eurospar donegall road
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    FOCUS ON SOFT DRINKS: Thirsty work


    To say soft drinks are a big seller at Eurospar Donegall Road in Belfast would definitely be something of an understatement. Customers love soft drinks, confirms manager David Harrison, who added that they sell over £7,600-worth of impulse drinks and £5,000-worth of take-home drinks every week. The store is a great example of best practice in managing the soft drinks category, so much so that it was a finalist in last year’s Forecourt Trader of the Year Awards.

  • Getty chocolate
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    FOCUS ON CHOCOLATE: Tempting treats


    Chocolate consumption reached heady heights during the Covid pandemic as consumers comforted themselves at home with sweets and treats. But sales melted away in 2022 thanks to last summer’s blisteringly hot weather, so how is the chocolate category doing today?

  • Peregrine Dunball
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    FOCUS ON CAR CARE AND LUBES: Jump-start sales


    While you might think that car care would be one of the most obvious categories to find in a forecourt store, it is often overlooked as space is given over to ‘sexier’ sales categories such as chilled food or food to go. However, luckily for motorists, some forecourt stores still pride themselves on offering a decent car care and lubricants range. One such store is Peregrine Retail’s BP Budgens Dunball in Bridgwater, Somerset, which was a finalist in the 2022 Forecourt Trader of the Year awards in the car care category, and winner of the best site in the South West and Wales in the 4mlpa-plus category.

  • Europump cherry picker
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    There may not be as many forecourts in the UK than there once were but most drivers still have a choice as to where they fill up. They could choose a forecourt because it is on their way to work, it could be the one at the supermarket where they shop or it could be the one where they can do an easy top-up shop at the same time.

  • NCS 1
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    NCS 2023: sign up, show up and give your site the competitive edge


    If you’re looking to catch up with suppliers face to face, see new products and services and catch a lively presentation discussing the issues that matter, then the National Convenience Show 2023 is the place for you.

  • Getty EV
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    FOCUS ON EV CHARGING: Sparking debate


    With the headline ‘Spark’s gone’, The Sun’s recent story about drivers ditching EVs in their droves to return to petrol vehicles due to lack of charging stations has definitely given people food for thought.

  • Rollover
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    FOCUS ON FOOD TO GO: On a roll


    The Rollover brand is big in cinemas – Cineworld, for instance, offers them – and they are also sold at 60 football clubs around the UK including nearly a dozen Premiership sides. However, the forecourt sector is an important one for the brand too, so much so that Rollover has increased the number of people in its field sales team. These are the people who will do an initial site visit when a retailer expresses an interest in having Rollover in their store and, once the brand is in situ, will follow up with regular store visits to support the site and check on compliance.

  • Getty eggs
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    FOCUS ON EASTER: Good eggs


    Cadbury Creme Eggs remain as popular as ever, indeed according to Nielsen stats, they are purchased four times more than your average Easter product. Much of their appeal lies in the fact that they are only available for a few months every year and then there’s the promotional campaign that supports them.

  • Getty crisps
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    FOCUS ON SNACKS: Snack, crackle and shop


    Despite the massive size of the crisps, snacks and nuts (CSN) category – worth £3.8bn and counting, according to Nielsen data – there is still room for growth.

  • Adler man
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    FOCUS ON TANKS AND PIPEWORK: Your best defence


    Your primary (tank), secondary (bund) and tertiary (separator) containment systems are your first, second and third line of defence against environmental pollution. So says Shirley Miles, head of environmental protection, at Adler and Allan.

  • Getty disposable vapes
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    FOCUS ON TOBACCO & VAPING: Single-use drives vape sales


    There’s no disputing the growth of the vaping category, in particular the meteoric rise in sales of disposable vapes.

  • Getty resilience
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    FOCUS ON PROPERTY: Roadside remains resilient


    In the face of rising operational costs and record inflation levels in 2022, the UK’s petrol filling station market (PFS) has proved to be more resilient than ever.

  • FT Building centra shop
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    FOCUS ON BUILDING & DESIGN: Plan for success


    They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in areas like design that is definitely true. Up and down the country forecourt owners apply for planning to extend or even knock down and rebuild their businesses.

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    FOCUS ON EPOS: Reporting for duty


    Darren Moir is the manager at the busy Westhill Service Station in the suburbs of Aberdeen. It has BP fuel and a Spar store. Darren has been with the business for 32 years and has therefore seen a lot of changes over those years.

  • BOX Stuffed with Sport
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    FOOD TO GO: Proper pizza pronto


    If you go down to Lawrence Garages’ BP Sholing site in Southampton, you’re sure of a big surprise. And that surprise is quality pizza, 24/7, from a robotic vending machine courtesy of Pizza Rebellion.

  • GettyImages-ice
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    SOFT DRINKS: Energy’s still got oomph


    For Forecourt Trader of the Year Best Soft Drinks Outlet category winner, Ziheed Mohammed of Woodman Service Station in Leeds, energy drinks are big business.

  • LEAD
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    TECH TALK: Spotlight on fuels - hydrogen gaining traction


    There’s no doubting the fact that people in the UK have been buying into the concept of plug-in EVs. SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) data shows that last year was the most successful year ever for sales of new battery EVs and hybrids.