Gareth Payne: smashing the Spartan challenge, one of his recent achievements

 Certas Energy UK’s Gareth Payne 

From a degree in biomolecular science to Disneyland, Gareth Payne head of HSE and Engineering - Roadside Services at Certas Energy, shares what drives him. 

Name: Gareth Payne

Job title: Head of HSE and Engineering - Roadside Services

Company: Certas Energy UK, supplies around 450 Gulf-branded forecourts and describes itself as the UK’s largest independent fuels and lubricants supplier. It also owns The Hollies truckstop at J12 on the M6 at Cannock, the West Midlands

01. Career history: I graduated with a degree in biomolecular science, and moved into public and private sector environmental roles – contaminated land, waste, and emergency response. 

I worked as a consultant on behalf of Certas Energy from early 2015 until mid-2020 when an opportunity to join the business became available. It was clear from the outside that there was a really positive culture within the business so I jumped at the chance to join. In November 2022, I joined the Roadside Services team as head of HSE, and have recently taken on engineering within our Roadside Services estate.

02. Dream job – if you weren’t doing thisSound engineer.

03. What do you drive? An Audi E-Tron.

04. Perfect day: A day of recreation, in the sunshine with family and friends.

05. Best holiday: Disneyland with my wife and son. Seeing him enjoy himself so much makes it special.

06. Holiday wish-list: West Coast US fly-drive, or Japan (including Disney and Universal visits).

07. Favourite read: Currently reading the Dog Man series with my son. Absolute classics.

08.Three words to describe yourself: Driven, focussed, analytical.

09. Possessions you could not do without: Headphones – I can’t go a day without music.

10. Most admire: People who can remain positive and proactive during times of adversity.

11. Favourite sports person: Andy Murray.

12. Best news over the past 12 months: Being given leadership of engineering, alongside health and safety for Roadside Services in Certas.They are intrinsically linked so it’s a great opportunity.

13. Recent achievements: Completing the charity Spartan event faster than I thought I could. Certas arranged for colleagues across the business to take part and everyone smashed it!

14. What’s your pet peeve: At the moment, having to queue for EV chargers.

15. Biggest fear: Heights with no barrier protection.

16. Most important qualities in the workplace: Positivity, integrity, openness.

17. What motivates you? Positive change and growth within the business. I get real satisfaction from being able to see the hard work put in by my team and wider in Certas resulting in outcomes that drive safety performance.

18. Best thing about the job: The variety. Every day is different; working with frontline staff in our Gulf forecourts, kitchen staff at The Hollies truckstop, security and access staff at SNAP, the smart digital payment platform for HGVs, and assisting our dealer team: A different focus with shared objectives.

19. Best bit of business advice you have ever received: To refer to Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, on clarity of message – “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”

20. Most recent business achievement of note: I can’t take credit for it, but The Hollies truckstop, part of the Certas Roadside Services team, winning the 2023 APEA Health & Safety Performance Award was great to see. The team have put in great work over the past few years to increase ownership of health and safety at the site. It was really great to see individuals and teams get recognition and engaging with our ’Safety F1rst: Vision Zero’ culture and principles.