Parkfoot Garage’s David Charman

David Charman might fancy himself as the next Jack Reacher, the capable and likeable former military police officer and protagonist of Lee Child’s crime series. But don’t show him a snake or call him Dave or mate. 

Name: David Charman

Job title: Managing director 

Parkfoot Garage, on the A20 at West Malling, Kent, is a third generation family business. It has served the local community for 76 years providing fuel and food 24-hours a day, every day for over 45 years. It is known for being a pioneering business, with its boundary breaking instore butchery, and recent move to sell HVO fuel on the pump, examples of this. David’s business mantra is to ”provide a premium quality offer with the best customer service in the industry”.

01. Career history: The only other job I have ever had was working in the computer industry in 1982 for one year.

02: Dream job: Aston Martin test driver.

03: What do you drive? Oh dear, an Audi e-tron GT, but I do have a little two-seater convertible if it ever stops raining.

04: Perfect day: No crisis at Parkfoot, flying somewhere warmer.

05: Best holiday: 1979, travelling around the USA. 2019, Cunard Queen Mary 2, pure luxury.

06: Holiday wish-list: Fishing in Alaska, Northern lights, and skiing with family and friends.

07: Favourite read: The next Jack Reacher.

08: Three words to describe yourself: Next Jack Reacher? Rushing, fussy and extravagant.

09: Possessions you could not do without: Mobile phone, fast car, and shorts.

10: What do you most admire? All retailers who can still smile with all the grief that dealing with the general public brings.

11: Favourite sports person: Jack Nicklaus, the retired American professional golfer.

12: Best news over the past 12 months: Both my children have full time jobs.

13: Recent achievements: Losing weight.

14: What’s your pet peeve: Being called Dave or worse, mate!

15: Biggest fear: Snakes.

16: Most important qualities in the workplace: Everyone smiling.

17: What motivates you? Having great staff that go above and beyond. Just watching our team.

18: Best thing about the job: Employing a shy young person and to see them mature and grow into a confident worker.

19: Best bit of business advice you have ever received: A butchery in a petrol station, that will never work!

20: Most recent business achievement of note: Being involved in our Aquatec carwash project in Ramsgate.