Name: Kathiravelu Kumanan

Job title: Area manager  

Company: NTS Retail Ltd

01 Career history: I went from being a skilled aero engineer to a cashier then area manager for various oil companies.

02 Dream job (if you weren’t doing this): Flying high in the aero space industry.

03 What do you drive: A Vauxhall for work and a Range Rover for pleasure.

04 What would you like to drive: A Range Rover all of the time.

05 Perfect day: The day I go to sleep happily.

06 Favourite team: Man City. I watch most of the games on TV; maybe one day I will go and see a game.

07 Best holiday: I would have to say Malaysia and Singapore. I love the good food, the nice weather and the clean cities.

08 Most admire: Courage

09 Most likely to say: "Well done."

10 Least likely to say: "No."

11 Greatest personal achievement: My MBA in Executive Management from London Metropolitan University.

12 Greatest fear: It has to be failure.

13 Tips for business success: Hard work is key if you want to succeed as is believing in the business.

14 Best business advice you’ve received: Accept failure. It’s difficult but sometimes you have to do it.

15 Best thing about your job: The varied challenges I face every day.

16 Most recent business achievement of note: The transformation of our Thunder Lane site in Plumstead Road, Norwich. We have developed a new forecourt with a Londis shop, so overall it has a much improved image. We have considerably increased the product range, including a Costa Express machine and off licence, and have invested in staff training.

17 Pet hate: Consistent cell phone distraction.

18 Thoughts on the forecourt sector: The way forecourts are moving from simple petrol stations to food-to-go stations is interesting.

19 Three words to describe yourself: Confident, committed and passionate.

20 Interest outside work: My main interest is doing work for charity. I support the Redbridge Tamil Society, promoting the Tamil culture. We help children and young people with their education, training and sports activities within the local community.