Name: Matthew Bellamy

Job title: Head of company-owned and operated retail

Company: Certas Energy

01 Career history: I’ve spent 11 years in the industry working for Total and then Certas Energy. I’ve completed a number a roles within retail, most recently a project role to build an unmanned retail business which Certas Energy started from scratch in 2016. This role has now evolved into running the full company-owned retail business of manned and unmanned sites.

02 Dream job if you weren’t doing this: Either a professional footballer (I could only play for West Ham) or to lead a main charity on solving child-related issues, illnesses and challenges.

03 What do you drive: BMW 4 series M Sport my first-ever automatic; I love it!

04 Where did you grow up: First in Northampton before moving to Exeter, Devon to complete my GCSEs and A-levels.

05 Sporting interests: Football, we’re season ticket holders at West Ham. And rugby, we’re regulars at Wales home games in Cardiff.

06 Do you do anything charitable? Yes I feed the homeless in Birmingham city centre on a Friday night with the charity Let’s Feed Brum.

07 What would we never find you doing: Standing still! I like to work and play hard.

08 Three words to describe yourself: Driven, supportive and energetic.

09 Most important job: Being a dad to my three-year-old son.

10 Most admire: People who work hard.

11 Tea or coffee: Coffee every time! My colleagues will tell you that I have a knack of seeking out the best coffee spots across the UK for meetings!

12 What’s your pet peeve: Bad manners.

13 Biggest fear: Failing.

14 Most important qualities in the workplace: Trust, integrity, hard work and doing your best.

15 Best holiday: Dubai with the lads in 2009! Golf, rugby 7s and so much more!!

16 What motivates you: Winning as a team.

17 Best thing about the job: I have an excellent team and get satisfaction out of seeing them succeed.

18 Anything else about your job: Every day is different and every day is a new opportunity to make a difference.

19 Best bit of business advice you’ve ever received: Focus on the things that you can change, don’t waste energy on the things you can’t.

20 Most recent business achievement of note: Developing Fuel Express.