01 Career history:

I joined the oil industry way back in 1975. I joined Elf just after they entered the UK market with the acquisition of VIP Petroleum and worked for them for 12 years. I left Elf to join US-based consultants MPSI Systems where I looked after oil company clients across the world. I joined Catalist, as the company was then called, in 2001 specifically to develop its business in the UK and Ireland. In 2006 Catalist was acquired by Experian and I am still there (only until July 31!) and I still look after the retail fuel sector. In conjunction with James Haigh I am responsible for Catalist’s UK retail pricing services as used across the industry.

02 Dream job (if you weren’t doing this):

I always wanted to be a pilot.

03 What do you drive:

A black Ford Focus ST (the 280bhp boy racer version).

04 What would you like to drive:

Porsche 911 GT3.

05 Perfect day:

With the family on a Greek Island.

06 Favourite team:

I am from Manchester so it has to be the Reds. Locally I will go and watch Forrest Green Rovers. I am not keen on the vegan pies though!

07 Favourite read:

Forecourt Trader, of course. What else is there?

08 Favourite film:

The Night Porter.

09 Best holiday:

China, such a fascinating experience.

10 Most likely to say:

"Yes, we have the data."

11 Least likely to say:

"Pass the sprouts."

12 Possessions you couldn’t do without:

Contact lenses and running shoes.

13 Most admire:

Nelson Mandela, a true leader.

14 Greatest fear:

My wife if I have forgotten to tell her I am going to be late!

15 Greatest achievement:

Being part of Team GB and coming home in fourth place in my age group in the European Duathlon Championships in Madrid in 2015.

16 Most recent business achievement/s of note:

Helping get our daily fuel price data into the sat nav systems of most of the European car manufacturers.

17 Pet hate:

Nothing really.

18 Thoughts on the forecourt sector.

Great bunch of entrepreneurial people.

19 Three words to describe yourself:

Noisy, energetic and sometimes a bit messy!

20 Anything else we should know:

I am retiring on July 31 after more than 45 years in the industry and I guess I am going to miss it!