Eurotank Environmental has invested in an Atex-approved 3D laser tank calibration system for mapping the internal dimensions of all underground and aboveground storage tanks.

The Calibex system, manufactured by Asis Automation and Fueling Systems in Turkey, works out the angle of the tank in the ground, whether there are reverse baffles in place, and the true capacity of the tank. It produces a strapping table accurate enough to provide a litre volume per 1mm height on the tank gauge.

Edward Wheeler, group managing director of Eurotank Service Group, said: “Asis has invested $1m in the development of the hardware, including getting it through Atex, and close to $2m to develop the software that is used to calculate the strapping table, which is impressive stuff.

“The calibration of tank gauges has always been a grey area. The UK regulators have never seemed to be interested in the accuracy of tank gauges, even since the move to accepting statistical inventory reconciliation as an alternative to a precision tank test. Calibex is already proving to be invaluable.”

Calibex measures all internal dimensions of tanks using 3D spatial points. It calculates inclination of tanks, finds the orientation and bearing of tanks and measures the internal diameter of tanks. Calibex generates calibration data based on the 3D model created.

The technology is capable of completing the calibration of a single tank in around 30 minutes and is suitable for all aboveground and underground horizontal and cylindrical tanks.

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