RS Sales has launched a new pump island cleaning kit which aims to save retailers time and money while delivering exceptional cleaning results.

Users simply dose the required amount of chemical into the refillable flask-for-life, dilute with water, spray onto a multitude of surfaces around the forecourt and watch the product eliminate stubborn stains, grease and dirt.

The cleaning kit comes with an A4 laminated wall chart so operatives can easily follow the instructions and benefit from the huge cost savings.

RS Sales calculates that at £15 per kit, dosing the forecourt cleaner at 15ml will provide 333 refill flasks at a cost of 0.05p each.

The kit contains:

• RS 5ltr Forecourt Cleaner

• 5lrt Swan Neck Dispenser

• 15ml Restrictor collar

• Two RS Empty 750ml Labelled HD Refill Flasks

• A4 Laminated Instructional Wall Chart

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