Diageo has identified a £455 million untapped sales opportunity for alcohol sales within the convenience sector . To help retailers unlock this sales potential, Diageo has extended its My Store Matters programme with a new category advice initiative called ‘Inspire.Display.Sell’.

With new insight revealing 90% of UK households buy alcohol, but only one in three buys it through convenience , Diageo is ramping up its support for retailers to focus on increasing this number, according to Claire Kendall, Diageo category development manager, Impulse & Wholesale. She says that according to latest estimates, there is an opportunity for retailers to grow their alcohol sales by up to £9k per year by encouraging new adult alcohol shoppers to consider convenience and existing shoppers to spend more.

“Our research has shown that there is huge opportunity for retailers to grow alcohol sales in the convenience sector," says Kendall. "Using the latest market insights we have developed easy-to-follow and simple-to-activate principles under three core pillars: ‘Inspire.Display.Sell’, which we believe will help retailers to tap into this opportunity and grow their alcohol sales.

“My Store Matters has always been about helping retailers tap into this incredibly important category by getting the basics right. We have always been dedicated to helping retailers in this way, and our new ‘Inspire.Display.Sell’ advice will take this to the next level.”

The three core principles of the ‘Inspire.Display.Sell’ aim to provide retailers with a simple to follow and formulaic system for best practice category management.

• ‘Inspire’ aims to engage convenience shoppers by highlighting key missions and focusing on visibility and range.

• ‘Display’ emphasises the importance of making the category easy to shop by focusing on blocking, brand signposting and clear pricing.

• ‘Sell’ aims to remind retailers to improve the value perception of the convenience channel through stocking PMPs, running in-store promotions and upskilling staff in order to drive associated purchase.

For further information and advice regarding ‘Inspire.Display.Sell’, retailers should visit Diageo’s refreshed website, www.mystorematters.net or speak to their local sales rep.