I’m an early riser and set my alarm for 5.10am. I head off to the gym as soon as it opens for around an hour’s work out. Over the past few years the gym has become part of my daily routine and I find it sets me up for the working day.

The first thing I do after the gym is check my iPhone for emails and this gets my mind into business mode. I respond to the emails that require a quick answer but those that need more thought, I leave until I get into the office, which is a 10-minute drive from the gym.

At my desk, I open my laptop and make sure I have a pen and paper, my to-do list, as well as the obligatory cup of tea.

I have worked for the Convenience Distribution Group (CDG) for over 12 years. Founded in 1996, CDG comprises 12 strategically placed independent distribution centres, working together to offer a high level of expertise and customer service combined with the benefits of group buying and central invoicing. This unique structure makes my role as sales and marketing manager challenging and exciting.

My three main contacts are Paul Kucharskyi, owner of Autoquip, Mike Storey, owner of GWD, and Rob Drake, who is both owner of CDO and chairman of CDG.

In my role I tend to be the main face of the Group. Due to the nature of the role, and the fast-moving markets in which we operate, no two days are the same, which is part of the reason I love what I do. Ultimately my job is to work alongside the management team to give input and activate the CDG growth strategy and objectives.

A great influence on my day is the time of year. One of the key categories we operate in is car care, and it is around this time of year when we present planograms for the winter period.

It’s ironic that I can be talking to manufacturers about winter products when it is a bright sunny day outside and likewise, when it’s in the depth of winter, summer products are being decided.

My day will often involve working with designers to produce brochures, leaflets and other marketing literature. The promotional and seasonal lines bring extra sales opportunities for retailers, especially when they come with point of sale, and our brochures work well to communicate everything we can provide. I also like to share the benefits of creating seasonal areas in store to drive interest and sales.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is when I present new planograms and seasonal promotional lines to customers.

We tend to mock up our show-room and invite our customers so we can share thinking and discuss the strategy behind it all, and I find it really rewarding to see the reaction from those we present to.

I have the pleasure of working with people who are passionate and enthusiastic about the industry they work in. I am very hands on and love meeting customers and listening to their needs and challenges, allowing me to share expertise and knowledge within certain categories to help drive their businesses forward.

Our customers are well spread out across the country so when I am on the road it can often take a full day out for a meeting. One of the worst aspects of the day is the motorway network, when it is not running smoothly, as I hate being late for a meeting.

Every two months we have a meeting of the CDG Member Companies in Leamington Spa and this can be a great occasion to discuss ideas and identify how we can support our customers in terms of best practice and new products. Very often a CDG member will introduce a new product to the rest of the Group and everyone benefits.

Assuming my day is office based, I generally leave at about 6pm arriving home at around 6.15pm to be welcomed by my wife and two cats. After dinner and catching up on TV, I am usually in bed at 10pm. I like to read for about half an hour before going to sleep, to completely relax. I then fall asleep quickly so that I am ready to start again the next day.

Name: Graham Tissiman

Company: Convenience Distribution Group
Job title: Sales and marketing manager
Career history: history degree; diploma in marketing; marketing manager for Simoniz International; marketing manager Holt Lloyd
Greatest achievement: Being married for 20 years. Every year I am also thankful for not falling off the stage after presenting at the Forecourt Trader of the Year Awards so I tend to reward myself with a glass of wine
Tips for business success: Integrity is everything. Without trust there can be no business
Most likely to say: car care is a great profit opportunity for retailers
Least likely to say: No one buys car care
Other interests: Arsenal FC