Sponsor of the Food To Go award for the second successive year, Country Choice has recently relaunched its Bake & Bite brand after spending many hours talking to both consumers and retailers about developing the brand for the future. The result is a bright, vibrant, instantly recognisable foodservice concept, tailor made for the forecourt sector with tempting fresh food products in categories that will appeal to everyone.


So what does the new Bake & Bite brand do for the forecourt retailer? Its bold imagery enhances the appeal of the products and stimulates demand, thereby encouraging consumers to visit Bake & Bite branded outlets. But, more importantly, thanks to the way it has been developed, it works on every single level. It is versatile enough to suit any channel; fit any outlet size; contain every conceivable product category; appeal to every type of

consumer; cater for every meal occasion; and satisfy any mood. It is the most complete offering ever.


Country Choice has established four new product categories: baked and crusty; savoury and filling; sweet and scrummy; and fresh and tasty. With each category colour coded for easy identification, the consumers’ life could not be easier, all they have to do is choose what they want.


Branded concepts are key to the new look. Forecourt retailers haven’t the time to source equipment solutions so Country Choice can provide them with low-cost easy entry into the foodservice arena via a comprehensive range of branded equipment solutions.


In order to reinforce the message in-store, Country Choice provides retailers with a whole range of free, Bake & Bite branded POS material tailor made for their own purposes, including exterior signs, menu boards, counter panels, A-boards, and posters – all colour coded and reflecting the brand’s new identity.


Bake & Bite’s new packaging is of a higher quality than the previous packaging, making it simpler for the retailer to handle and simpler for the consumer to use, while simultaneously maximising product visibility, protecting the contents and maintaining the quality, freshness and visual appeal for as long as possible, in either a self serve or serve-over environment. In addition, the innovative, quirky packaging helps to “clean up” the business of eating on the move at the same time as building brand awareness.


Adding further emphasis to the in-store quality is the new ticketing. In order to meet the ever-increasing demands of food legislation, the new ticketing contains not only the name of the product, but also details of all its ingredients.


“Country Choice’s handheld savoury bakes come in all the key flavours and have helped us build up a loyal following that keeps coming back for more,” says Ian Bowman, operations director at Triple 888.

“Country Choice’s food to go range allows us to capture numerous different meal occasions during the day. It has been key to our success,” says Jane Stanton Cole, managing director of Spar Lynfield Motors and last year’s winner of Forecourt Trader’s Best Food To Go Site.

“Since the introduction of the Bake & Bite brand, our turnover on food to go has increased by around 40%-50%,” says David Charman, owner of the Parkfoot Garage and a former winner of the Forecourt Trader of the Year Award.