Irish forecourt and convenience retailer Maxol has partnered with TruRating in the Irish Republic to launch a new way for customers to provide feedback at the time of their visit.

TruRating comes into operation as customers are about to pay, with a single question popping up on the payment terminal asking them about an aspect of their experience.

There is a range of questions, such as rating the product range or the quality of the service, but customers will only be asked one question. All the customer has to do is press a single number on the keypad to give a rating of 0 to 9, or there is an option to skip the question.

TruRating is currently live at six Maxol sites, with a full roll-out nationally this summer.

Maxol Group CEO Brian Donaldson said: “As our retail offer evolves, it is very important to Maxol and our independent retailers to know first hand what our customers think of the level of service and overall experience they receive when visiting our service stations.

“TruRating is an excellent example of how technology can deliver a real-time solution to provide feedback, with minimal inconvenience to the customer. The insights are invaluable in tracking performance and identifying both good and not so good experiences.”

“As our first live client in Ireland, we’re hugely excited to be working with Maxol,” said Joanne Werker, COO at TruRating. “Maxol is committed to providing the best customer experience possible and we’re delighted to be their mechanism of choice to make that happen. We look forward to supporting them in rolling out TruRating across their other sites as we move forwards.”