Retailers are being reminded about the new relaxed requirements for ’No Smoking’ signs in England. Robert Botkai, partner at Winckworth Sherwood, said: "The Smoke-free (Signs) Regulations 2007 have been revoked and replaced with the Smoke-free (Signs) Regulations 2012."

He explained that before 1 October 2012, the 2007 Regulations required that signs displayed on smoke free premises had to be A5 size. The signs also had to contain: The standard no smoking symbol and the text: ’No smoking. It is against the law to smoke in theses premises’.

Signage had to be displayed in each entrance to smoke-free premises and had to be displayed in each enclosed compartment of smoke-free vehicles, including vehicles used for work and those used by the public.

However, from October 1, 2012, the 2012 Regulations require at least one legible no-smoking sign to be displayed in a smoke-free premises or vehicle. The position of the sign will be at the discretion of anyone with management responsibilities. There is no minimum size requirement.

"This de-regulation will be welcomed by businesses and is a clear indication that the smoking ban has been a great success, both in terms of business uptake and public acceptance," said Botkai.