Murco Petroleum has found a way to cut through much of the red tape involved in dealing with numerous local authorities over petroleum licence and other regulatory compliance matters involving its service stations.

The oil company has revealed that a partnership deal it agreed with London Fire Brigade is producing significant benefits across its UK network.

Kevin Gardiner, Murco’s maintenance and development manager, said the process of dealing with local authorities was streamlined after Murco formed a Primary Authority Partnership with London Fire Brigade.

Gardiner explained: “Primary Authority is the gateway to simpler, more successful local

regulation, based on a new relationship between businesses and local authorities.

“Regardless of size, a business operating across council boundaries can form a Primary

Authority Partnership with a single local authority in relation to regulatory compliance. Once legally nominated by the Local Better Regulations Office (LBRO), partnerships are automatically recognised by all local regulators.

“If a problem arises, the Primary Authority can coordinate enforcement action to ensure that our business is treated consistently and that responses are proportionate to the issue.

“The benefits of Primary Authority Partnership started as soon as our partnership was registered by LBRO. From then on, it had legal status and is now recognised by all councils when they undertake inspection and compliance activities at our stations.”

He concluded: “Some 30% of our network has already benefitted from this Partnership. Visits by petroleum officers are so much easier.

“With station information stored on a central web database, information can be looked at and prepared prior to any site visit, saving time for the petroleum officer and the station manager.”