Jimmy’s Iced Coffee has launched a Flat White, Extra Shot in a 100% recyclable can.

The Iced Flat White, new to shelves this month, is the brand’s first beverage to come in an aluminium can. The aluminium can was chosen for its eco credentials as it will not degrade irrespective of the number of times it has been through the recycling process, and it therefore has an unlimited lifespan.

The decision to launch the Iced Flat White in an infinitely recyclable format followed the news that only 9% of all plastic is ever recycled which further prompted the brand to pledge becoming entirely plastic free by 2020.

The brand’s co-founder Suzie Cregan explained: “We’ve always championed sustainability with our paper cartons and by switching to bio-caps (made using energy from sustainably sourced sugar cane), therefore opting for cans which can easily be recycled in to the same format again and again was the logical next step.

“Being based on the South Coast the ocean and the environment is a big part of who we are and what we do, and we want to look after that, and we know our customers do.”

The Flat White Extra Shot is available to purchase in Whole Foods and select high street retailers, and was launched in BP on 1 August.