Smint has developed a three-layered mint that it claims can guarantee clean breath for up to two hours. Containing ingredients to reduce the causes of bad breath, such as magnolia extract and zinc, Smint Clean Breath is available now and supported by a media brand campaign.

Possessing an intense peppermint flavour to give instant mouth refreshment, popular with consumers, the 50-piece pack comes in a stylish metal tin that’s slightly taller than others on the market, to provide greater stand-out on shelf.

Ambrogio Perfetti, Smint brand manager, said: “With 92% of consumers trying to reduce their sugar intake , we’re extending our best-selling sugar-free range to ensure people have the much needed choice they deserve.

“This launch marks the next level of freshness for functional mints and we’re proud to be able to make such bold refreshment claims. As with the rest of the Smint range, we’re delighted to have received the seal of approval from the Tooth Friendly Association, as the mints help protect teeth and prevent tooth decay.”