Walkers is tapping into family sharing occasions by offering the best movies to shoppers with its newest on pack promotion.

Available across Walkers Sharing Bags, Bugles and Mix Ups, the Movie Nights promotion kicks off this week and will run until 31 December.

Each promotional pack will contain a unique code and shoppers will need two codes in order to claim a movie. Walkers have teamed up with Rakuten TV to provide a choice of nearly 3,000 movies which can be streamed through your chosen device (web/smart TV/app).

Thomas Barkholt, marketing director at PepsiCo, commented: “Research shows that over 50% of crisp snacking occasions happen while watching TV at home. As these autumnal nights draw in and the weather gets a little colder, we hope this latest campaign will appeal to those families choosing to stay in. Our latest on pack promotion capitalises on this trend and gives families the opportunity to sit and enjoy time together whilst watching one of the great movies available.

“Sharing bags are responsible for one fifth of all savoury snacking occasions within the UK and we have huge confidence that this promotion will drive sales within the sharing sector.”