Name: Craig Nugent

Company: Certas Energy

Job title: Head of dealer sales

01 Career history: began in forecourts in 1983 at Roadchef as a seasonal cashier. Then various roles in other forecourt firms before joining Gulf Oil. Moved to Shell then Ryko International. Joined medical engineering training firm, Eastwood Park, before heading back to Gulf.

02 Dream job:Professional guitarist.

03 What do you drive:Mercedes E-Class Coupé (just ordered).

04 What would you like to drive:Mercedes E-Class Coupé (when it arrives).

05 Perfect day:Chilling with my wife and two Bengal cats with some guitar playing thrown in.

06 Favourite team:Greenock Morton (I live in Cheltenham but grew up in Scotland, near the ground. My father worked on the gate and I was brought up to support my local team).

07 Favourite read:The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov.

08 Favourite film:Pulp Fiction.

09 Best holiday:Annual ski week with friends in Westendorf ,Austria.

10 Possessions you couldn’t do without: My guitars.

11 Most admire:

Those who’ve been successful through hard work and determination.

12 Most likely to say:

There will be a solution.

13 Least likely to say:

It can’t be done.

14 Greatest achievement:Being played on the radio by John Peel.

15 Greatest fear:Not achieving my dreams.

16 Tips for business success

You can’t do everything yourself.

17 Best business advice you’ve received:

"Nobody comes to work to do a bad job!"

18 Best thing about your job:

Re-engaging with the Gulf Brand and spending time in the field meeting with customers.

19 Three words to describe yourself:

Calm, focused, loyal.

20 Thoughts on the forecourt sector:

The sector continues to innovate and reinvent itself. The Top Indies have led the charge and have shown how to sweat the asset. We all need to be service-led with long-term goals that ensure we retain our customer base. Strong additional revenue-generating income streams are crucial if we are to remain in business.