They say that eating habits have changed during the Coronavirus lockdown and it seems that’s true when it comes to our taste in sandwiches. According to a poll of 2,000 adults undertaken by bread brand Warburtons, last year’s favourite sandwich cheese has been replaced by bacon. It seems whether they’re working from home or being furloughed, people cannot resist frying or grilling bacon to make a butty for lunch. And I understand that because even though I don’t eat red meat, the smell of bacon is always tempting and Mr West does love a bacon sarnie.

Of course, shop-bought sandwiches are much better than they used to be but I’m sure you cannot beat a hot bacon sandwich dripping with either tomato ketchup or brown sauce.

When it comes to sandwiches, I am pretty basic. I do love an M&S tomato and salad cream one or a Ginsters chicken salad which is always very full and very tasty. I know sandwich makers like to be creative but many of us still like to stick to the basics.

In the Warburtons’ survey, second to bacon was egg mayonnaise, followed by sausage, cheese & pickle, tuna & mayonnaise, and ham & cheese. And although not appearing in the Top 10 of sandwiches, the research revealed some rather more unusual creations.

One person admitted to enjoying a chocolate spread & salami sandwich, while another confessed to eating a chocolate biscuit sandwich. I’m assuming pregnancy cravings are the reason for these, but who knows?

When I was a young child my grandmother used to feed me sugar sandwiches which led to me having a very sweet tooth. And Mr West can remember having bread and dripping for Sunday tea so it seems almost anything can be teamed with two slices of bread.

As for condiments, Warburtons found pickle to be most popular in a sandwich followed by ketchup, English mustard then mayonnaise.

And the perfect bread was revealed to be white medium-sliced, with the crusts left on and the sandwich cut into squares.