We all like trying something new and in the past few weeks I’ve tried quite a few new products. I started with two new Kit Kats: Green Tea Matcha (inspired by Japan) and Kit Kat made with Ruby Cocoa Beans. Sorry, but I have to say I won’t be buying either of them again.

First, the Green Tea Matcha. As you’d expect, it comes in green packaging and the Kit Kat inside is green too and resembles something Shrek might hand out to his friends. It’s got a funny taste, which I find hard to describe. I asked someone else who’d tried it and he said it tasted like earth! However he did add that he liked Matcha tea so liked the Kit Kat. As for the Ruby Cocoa Beans, again for me it had no distinctive taste other than it was very, very sweet. The only good thing about it was the fact that it was pink.

Another ’new’ disappointment for me was Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies. Now, I had been looking forward to this for some time. The white chocolate coating with cookie pieces was okay but really didn’t seem to go with the ice cream middle bit ’cream ice cream with a cookie flavour chocolate sauce’. So I won’t be buying that again either.

However, I am totally in love with the new M&M’s chocolate bars. The packaging makes you smile as it features the cute M&M’s characters on the front. There is a Chocolate, a Crispy, a Hazelnut and a Peanut block. I loved them all and will definitely be buying them again.

I also tried Snickers Crisp which is chocolate, caramel and crisped rice. It’s okay but a bit dense.

Another couple of products that I tried and really liked might not be brand new but they were new to me. The first was the So Gud Chocolate Covered Oat Square. Usually, if something says it is ’gluten free’ it puts me off but it didn’t put me off this crumbly square of deliciousness. Another hit was Kendal Jacksmiths Original Recipe & Milk Chocolate Flapjack. It was so buttery.

What I’m really looking forward to now is the new Orange Twirl. I read about it on Facebook or at least I think I did; I hope it wasn’t all a dream!