Blue + yellow = green

Jet is rolling out a new green initiative to complement the re-imaging of its sites.

It has established the original bins came in two parts, one part blue, one part yellow, which could easily be separated, and its manufacturer has confirmed it can produce a blue bin out of the blue material, and a yellow bin out of the yellow material. ’Recycling Bins into Bins’ will roll out from this month.

Pumps fight tax dodgers

Police in Staffordshire are using messages on supermarket petrol pumps to publicise a campaign targeting uninsured drivers.

Signs warning insurance dodgers have been placed on pumps at four forecourts in the county at Morrison’s in Burton and Festival Park, Stoke-on-Trent, and Sainsbury’s in Cannock and Tamworth.

Car crashes into Co-op

A Co-operative Food petrol station near Bournemouth had to be evacuated after a car drove into one of the fuel pumps. Fire crews were called to the service station, on the westbound A31 at Ringwood, and helped the driver and her passenger from the car. The damaged pump was removed the same day and the site was able to reopen.

US courts back biofuel

An attempt to block the sale of E15 blended petrol in the US has been quashed by the Supreme Court.

The court rejected a challenge by the American Petroleum Institute (API), food producers and restaurants, which contended that the blend could harm cars and motorcycles built before 2001, and push up food prices, imposing an unnecessary economic burden on consumers.

But the American Automobile Association said sales of E15 should be halted to allow tests fo find which vehicles can safely use it.