M&M’s is adding to its portfolio with a new limited edition sharing pack – M&M’s Mix.

The new offering from Mars Chocolate UK combines M&M’s Chocolate, M&M’s Crispy and M&M’s Peanut in one sharing pack, and will be available exclusively in independent retailers and Asda stores from 28 March.

Bep Dhaliwal, trade communications manager, Mars Chocolate, said: “Packed with Crispy, Chocolate and Peanut M&M’s, new M&M’s Mix brings together all the favourites in one tasty bag, making it the perfect treat for sharing with friends and family on a Big Night In.

“As the Big Night In trend continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more consumers reach for bitesize products and this exciting new offering provides retailers with a great opportunity to tap into this trend even further, boosting those all-important impulse purchases.”

Colourful packaging is designed to stand out on shelves, and a range of POS and display solutions have been produced to support convenience retailers..

This year, Mars Chocolate UK is set to support the M&M’s brand with media investment of £8.5m, which will see M&M’s appearing on UK TV screens for 26 weeks throughout 2016.

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