Forecourt Trader has enhanced its digital offer for readers through a new registration process.

As part of our next step in bringing the best and most relevant information to forecourt retailers, we have implemented ‘metred access’.

The process requires no card payment details, as readers are not being asked to pay, and it’s simple and quick.

The form will ask you for your email address and basic industry-specific demographics.

Newsletter subscribers will continue to receive newsletters as normal and they, together with those visiting the site via search engines, social media or news aggregate sites, can read a selected number of full stories over 30 days before being asked to register. Once you’ve created an account and signed in, our system will remember your device, meaning you don’t have to sign in every time you visit on the same device. If this isn’t happening, please check your browser settings and ensure you are allowing cookies on our website.

If you already receive one of our newsletters then you don’t need to register again, simply click here to retrieve your password and you’ll be good to go.

Why register?

So, if you are not being asked to pay, why are you being asked to register? Registering is a free and simple way to help sustain our independent journalism. When users sign in, we are able to build deeper relationships that helps our strategy in a number of ways: it can enable us to provide a better reader experience, deepen engagement with our journalism and strengthen our advertising proposition with a more targeted approach. All of this helps us to provide the best insights, research and advice to readers to help them run their business better.

In addition, as we still rely on advertising to fund our publication, one of the ways we protect the future of our journalism is by using data. When you sign in, we are able to collect and store your data to better inform the marketing and advertising that we tailor to you. We believe advertising shouldn’t be a hinderance but can help you if it is relevant and appropriate. You will always be able to control your own privacy. We think carefully about our use of your data and we have a privacy notice and a cookie statement explaining how we collect, use, share and transfer your personal data, as well as a team dedicated to keeping any data we collect safe and secure.

We want the process to be as transparent as possible and have prepared a handy explanation page and FAQ sheet for more information.