BP has launched a new driver and fuel management platform called BP FleetMove.

Designed in partnership with TomTom Telematics, the enhanced driver and fuel management product has been designed to improve fleet efficiency, saving both time and fuel.

Available in two iterations – the plug-in & go BP FleetMove and the more advanced BP FleetMove Pro – the new offer combines BP fuel card transaction details with vehicle and driver performance data via the TomTom Telematics Service Platform. Easy-to-use mobile and desktop interfaces feed vehicle and driving information to fleet managers, helping them control costs.

The plug-in & go BP FleetMove platform has a one-off set-up cost of £39.35, excluding VAT and including a 20% discount. Aimed at smaller car fleets, it doesn’t require professional installation and is available with no long-term contracts. It gives managers the ability to:

• Access accurate vehicle data from a central dashboard – updated every 15 minutes;

• View, add and manage the vehicles and fuel card users who have a linked Curfer device in an easy to use web portal – Nextfleet Fuel;

• Access an individual range of shared data from BP and TomTom Telematics including fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and driver efficiency scores ;

• Give drivers real-time advice to improve performance; and

• Keep on top of maintenance and servicing with a clear centralised view of in-car diagnostics.

The combination of the TomTom Curfer smartphone app and BP’s convenient network of filling stations means drivers can:

• set preferences to quickly find the nearest BP or Routex station based on their current location;

• view all previous journey information recorded automatically on a smartphone;

• view fuel consumption data while on the road;

• be aware of their driving style and the impact this has on fuel consumption;

• always know the last position of a parked vehicle; and

• be assured data is never shared and is for personal use only.

BP FleetMove PRO adds fuel card transactions to driver and vehicle performance reports. Features such as vehicle location, fuel consumption, driver behaviour performance and vehicle maintenance information from TomTom Webfleet all combine with BP fuel card information to provide full visibility and control over how fuel is being used.

A site advice application, available on the Pro 8 series driver terminal, gives drivers additional advice on the best sites to fill up based on chosen preferences.

BP FleetMove PRO is fully compatible with all vehicles regardless of brand or type – cars, vans, trucks or buses – and live services such as traffic updates keep drivers out of hold-ups and provides managers with ETAs.

Andy Allen, UK Fuel Card Manager, BP Fuel Cards, said: “At BP, we are constantly looking for ways to help fleets save time and money by providing efficiencies and real-time insight.

“BP FleetMove has been built in a way that makes it scalable. So whether managers are using the plug-in & go version or the full suite of services provided by FleetMove Pro, they will have access to a set of tools that will help them better control costs and understand their fleet’s pressure points.”

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