Car wash specialist Christ will be exhibiting its latest top of the range rollover wash unit, the Aquatus Prime, at the UNITI Expo show in Stuttgart this week.

The machine offers a range of options from conventional brush washing to touchless cleaning cycles, and new scanning technology, Scan-X, detects the contours of vehicles with precision, allowing for extremely accurate washing cycles and the efficient use of a wide range of units. This means, for example, that even complicated vehicle shapes can be cleaned and dried to a higher standard. Furthermore, it is even possible to detect ski cases automatically using the Scan-X technology and to bypass them in an intelligent manner.

A high-end chemical application system is integrated into every model, which provides a contour-tracking application process based on the results of the Scan-X system, and a multi-stage application of various chemical types in up to four stages.

In accordance with the Christ philosophy, each vehicle washing cycle is followed by a comprehensive drying process. In comparison with its siblings, the Aquatus Prime is equipped with improved premium drying capability. Using 16kW of power, the slewable drying unit and the high-performance side-drying feature ensure that vehicles are completely dry.

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