Samsung Techwin has introduced a new compact and easy to install security solution for retailers.

It comprises a compact vandal-resistant dome camera and a small footprint network video recorder (NVR).

The SNV-6013 dome camera has a diameter of less than 113mm and a height of just 64mm, meaning the vandal-resistant dome is small enough to fit into the palm of a hand.

It is designed to provide an aesthetically attractive, as well as competitively priced option, for retail applications, particularly in positions where space is limited.

It is able to capture 2MP Full HD (1920 x 1080) images, and is equipped with Samsung Techwin’s open platform WiseNetIII DSP chipset which provides users with freedom to choose their combination of video analytics and video management software (VMS), which best matches their individual requirements.

An enhanced wide dynamic range feature enables the SNV-6013 to overcome the challenge of monitoring areas such as shop entrances, where there may be strong external lighting and large amounts of glass.

The camera is designed to be suitable for both internal and external use, and has a digital image stabilisation feature which compensates for any camera shake.

The SRN-472S recorder is designed to be simple to install and cost is minimised by the PoE (power over ethernet) feature which removes the need for separate cables to each of the cameras for power and image transmission purposes.

The small footprint of 370x44x320mm is again designed for applications where space is at a premium and for users who may wish to locate it under a checkout desk or in a small security cupboard.

The SRN-472S can record full HD images in real-time across all of its four channels and store them for up to two months. With both HDMI and VGA outputs, the SRN-472S also provides retailers with the option of demonstrating to customers, via an in-store monitor, that they are being observed and protected by a high performance video surveillance system. This also negates the need for a PC to locally monitor the system.

Samsung Techwin’s license-free SmartViewer and iPOLiS Mobile monitoring software provides the option to remotely view live or recorded video from a PC or any Android or IOS supported smartphone or tablet.

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