GripHero, the developer of the world’s first fuel nozzle-mounted hand-protection dispenser, has has succeeded in cutting hand protection related plastic waste on forecourts by an average of 55%.

The news follows a detailed study of forecourts using its dispensers to determine how they performed in comparison to conventional glove dispensers. The research compared the average amount of hand protection used with and without GripHero. This showed a 55% reduction due to GripHero’s ability to dispense just one item of hand protection at a time and prevent wind-related ’blow-outs’.

GripHero calculates that for every 300 forecourts, 44.9 million items of hand protection are used each year via conventional dispensers; equivalent to 43 tonnes of single-use plastic. By comparison, GripHero, which uses an average of 17.5% less plastic in the manufacture of its hand protection, reduces single use plastic waste by up to 60%, resulting in a reduction of 25 tonnes per year, per 300 forecourts. With over 8,400 forecourts across the UK, GripHero has the potential to remove up to 490 tonnes of unnecessary single-use hand-protection waste per year.

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