Two companies specialising in lighting for the forecourt sector have agreed a manufacturing and supply agreement after jointly developing a new contour tube.

Visive Group, a UK designer and global manufacturer of LED contour lighting for the forecourt sector, has signed the deal with Bever Innovations, a manufacturer and supplier of intelligent LED lighting solutions.

Established in 2000, Visive’s LED lighting division supplies LED contour tubing and  smart control components which are installed on service stations and retail shops around the world.

Bever Innovations has a 100% focus on the petrol retail market and its LED products are supplied in more than 86 countries to brands including Shell, BP, Q8 and Total.

Bever Innovations and Visive have worked closely for many months using their combined experience and knowledge to develop a new LED contour tube which is visually stunning, easy to install, and saves on energy usage and maintenance.

Bever Innovations’ commercial director Erwin Dingemanse said the deal meantBever Innovations would have a branded LED contour tube which complemented its wide-range of LED products and LED solutions. He added: “This will give Bever Innovations a competitive advantage in the global petrol retail market.”

John Scholey, Visive’s sales director, commented: “This is an important step in our ‘strategic growth plan’. To have an international partner like Bever Innovations with its extensive sales team and expertise in manufacturing and supplying LED products to the petroleum market in so many countries, is ideal for our business. We look forward to working closely with its team and supplying them with quality LED contour tube on a global basis.”

Visive will manage trade in the UK, Ireland and China, with Bever Innovations selling the LED Contour tube to the rest of the globe.