A typical day for me always starts with a good healthy breakfast and usually a visit to my local gym, for an hour or so workout. At 53, I have discovered the importance of trying to have a good work-life balance and my daily routine sets me up for the day ahead and keeps me focused and positive.

With such a variety of possible events that can come my way during a normal day, I spend a while answering my emails over a cup of good, strong tea and review my sales manager software to remind me of any important tasks that need to be addressed.

These can be anything from arranging appointments to seeing clients on site, working out solutions for customers’ requirements, giving marketing advice to customers, calculating costs, doing quotations and ordering equipment from the factory.

Helping colleagues and discussing ideas about moving the company forward and growing our market share are also high on the agenda.

I tend to be ’head down full on’ in the office from start to finish and very rarely stop for lunch. I try to get out to see customers at least twice a week.

I believe in using my team to their best abilities and recognising their strengths and weaknesses and my own. I don’t have a problem with delegating work to others who are more skilled than me in a particular area.

Once the working day is over however, I manage to unwind and de-stress with one of my personal pursuits. As a follower of the ancient martial art of Tai Chi, I find I can totally switch off from everything else for a couple of hours. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

One of my firm beliefs, that I have always managed to live my life by, is to surround myself with positive people and energy. Actively shunning any negativity and not suffering fools gladly has really helped me in my life and career.

If I fancy letting my hair down, I just plug in one of my electric guitars and ’let rip’ for a while, much to the consternation of my better half who usually hides at the other end of the house and closes the doors firmly shut!

More gentle pastimes include meeting up with family and friends and having regular weekly meals out with my sons for a catch up and a gossip. There is nothing I like better than having a good laugh.

Living out in the country means that the local cinema ’Flicks in the Sticks’ is about all there is.

It shows new films projected onto the wall of the local village hall, serves tea, wine and cakes at the half time interval and even has a raffle with prizes you wouldn’t give to your granny! Everyone sits on plastic seats like the ones you had in school assembly and you can have a cushion if your rear gets sore. You tidy your own chair away at the end. Average audience age is about 80. It’s a once-a-month experience not to be missed! All this for a fiver.

When it comes to vices, I must confess an addiction to anything to do with A Place In The Sun Home or Away and I love dreaming about what properties are on view in some stunning places.

I guess I need to sell a few more car washes before I buy a villa in Italy or Portugal though.

Name: Dave Lindon

Job title: Business development director

Company: Istobal UK

Career history: Engineering apprenticeship. University HND with honours in mechanical & production engineering. Started in sales with a Swiss specialist welding firm. Got into the car wash industry in 1989. Joined Istobal in 1995

Greatest achievement personally: My two sons and actually making marriage work third time round

Greatest achievement professionally: Helping bring each company I worked for to the top in its field while I was there

Tips for business success: Maintain a positive mental attitude at all times

Most likely to say: "Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing!"

Least likely to say: "You can have it for free!"