Petrol prices in the UK have shot up 5ppl over the past month, according to the latest AA fuel price report. It blames speculation in the fuel and currency markets as being the main drivers of what it describes as the third price surge in less than a year.

The AA report says unleaded prices have risen by 5.8ppl from 132.1ppl to 137.99ppl; while diesel prices have risen by 5ppl from 139.8ppl to 144.8ppl. The price difference between unleaded and diesel has fallen to 6.9ppl.

Northern Ireland recorded the highest price for unleaded at 138ppl; with Yorkshire and Humberside and the north recording the lowest price for unleaded at 137.6ppl. Northern Ireland, East Anglia and the south east recorded the highest diesel price at 142.2ppl, with Yorkshire and Humberside having the cheapest diesel at 144.2ppl.

Supermarket prices for unleaded rose by 5ppl. The gap between supermarket prices and the Uk average for unleaded has risen to 2.2ppl. 

The AA says the UK has the 13th highest petrol price in Europe and the fourth highest diesel price.